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27 October 2023 | Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Healers Tier List - Best Healers in Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom

In The Elder Scrolls Online, a healer is more than just someone who takes care of others. You're a lifeline, a guardian, and a strategist all at once. Your responsibilities are as varied as the different places in the game.

It's really important to understand which type of healer class is right for you and why one class might be better than another. We'll explain this in our guide and help you choose the best healer class for success.

Your main job is to heal your teammates, to fix their wounds and bring them back to life when they're close to dying. You're like a soothing presence in the middle of a fight, and your healing spells and abilities are your most important tools. You boost your allies' defense like an invisible shield and weaken your enemies with debuffs to help your team.

You're an active part of the battle. Sometimes, you'll need to do things that, if a Damage Dealer or Tank did them, would cause many problems. Your ability to do many things is your strength.

In the big picture of The Elder Scrolls Online, you're the one who keeps your group together. You might not always get the credit you deserve, but your influence is huge. So you must make a good choice among the classes.

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We made a tier list of the best Healers for PvE. Each Healer class is good at different things in PvE, and our list shows which ones are the best at what. So, what are we waiting for? Let's find out more!

The Best PvE Healer Class in ESO with Tier List

The info for this Healer Class Tier List in PvE was chosen carefully. We didn't just rely on our own experience, we also looked at the average statistics. Mostly, we pay attention to what people pick when they're taking on tough challenges like Trials and Dungeons in Veteran Hard Mode.

  S Tier   Arcanist Healer  
Templar Healer
  A Tier    Warden Healer 
Necromancer Healer
 B Tier  Nightblade Healer
C Tier   Sorcerer Healer 
  D Tier   Dragonknight Healer

Additionally, it's essential to recognize that your success in the game hinges on your character build, skills, how effectively you can utilize your chosen class, and, of course, your leveling. So, be sure to take these factors into account when embarking on your Elder Scrolls Online adventures.

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Explanations of each Healer Class in the Tier List

In ESO, classes always evolve and adapt. While these changes often affect a class's ability to deal damage, their healing abilities stay pretty consistent.

Whenever there's a new update, especially big ones like the Necrom chapter, it's crucial to pay attention to how different classes and their abilities change. It's like keeping track of which characters and powers are becoming more or less important in the game. Additionally, the Arcanist new class being available is a big deal when you're deciding to be a Healer.

Now, let's examine each class and understand what sets them apart in terms of healing and supporting your fellow adventurers. We'll identify their unique traits, and you'll pick the one that fits your playstyle best.

ESO Tier List Healers

Arcanist Healer

The Arcanist Healer in The Elder Scrolls Online is often regarded as one of the best choices among healers for PvE content. This reputation is well-earned for several reasons, that's why he holds an S-tier position in our Tier List.

  • Healing Prowess: Arcanists possess access to a repertoire of potent healing spells. Abilities such as Healing Tides, Audacious Runemend, and Reconstructive Domain offer substantial healing potential. Healing Tides not only rejuvenates your allies but can also grant Minor Heroism, boosting their ultimate generation. This dual function is a unique strength of the Arcanist Healer.
  • Support and Buffs: The Arcanist Healer it's about elevating the entire group's performance. Runeguard of Freedom, for example, provides your group with Minor Protection, increased Armor, and immunity to Crowd Control effects. These buffs enhance the group's survivability and effectiveness.
  • Resource Management: Healers often struggle with managing their Magicka or Stamina resources. The Arcanist tackles this issue head-on with passive abilities like Hideous Clarity, Erudition, and Intricate Runeforms. These abilities not only facilitate casting powerful heals but also ensure a steady recovery of Magicka or Stamina, depending on your needs.
  • Ultimate Power: The Arcanist's Glyphic of the Tides Ultimate is a game-changer. It not only boosts damage but also provides substantial healing for your group. Its effectiveness scales with your healing output, making it a powerful asset in challenging encounters.
  • Resource Efficiency: Generating Crux is a key mechanic for Arcanist Healers. This resource management tool allows you to reduce the cost of your abilities and trigger secondary effects, adding depth to your gameplay.

In summary, Arcanist Healers in The Elder Scrolls Online are outstanding because they can heal, support, and deal damage, all rolled into one. They give your group the advantage it needs in challenging battles, and they're pioneering how healers operate in the game.

Templar Healer

The Templar Healer also maintains its well-deserved S-tier position in the Tier List. This prestige comes from a combination of its unique class abilities and passives that set it apart from the rest.

  • Illuminate Passive for Group Spell Damage: Templar healers have the Illuminati Passive, which significantly boosts the Spell Damage of their entire group. This is a highly valuable asset, as increased Spell Damage results in more potent healing and damage-dealing capabilities for the entire team.
  • Powerful Healing Ultimate: Remembrance is a formidable Healing Ultimate ability in the Templar's toolkit. It provides substantial healing to the group, making it invaluable in intense combat situations where sustained healing is required.
  • Emergency Healing with Breath of Life and Honor the Dead: Breath of Life and Honor the Dead are exceptional abilities that can swiftly resurrect allies from the brink of death while restoring a substantial amount of health. These skills are essential for keeping group members alive during challenging encounters.
  • Versatile AoE Skills: Templar healers possess strong AoE skills like Ritual of Retribution and Extended Ritual. These abilities allow healers to simultaneously heal their group and deal damage to enemies, providing versatility in their role.
  • Reliable Synergies Generator: Blazing Spear and Luminous Shards are skills that generate synergies reliably. Group members can activate these synergies for extra benefits like healing or damage, as needed.
  • Ideal Starter Class for Healing: Templar is often recommended as the best starter class for those new to the healing role in ESO. Its straightforward abilities and powerful healing potential make it an excellent choice for beginners.

In summary, Templar healers excel in PvE content in The Elder Scrolls Online. They have strong healing skills, manage resources well, offer various support abilities, help the group, stay alive themselves, and can handle different challenges. This makes Templars a dependable and popular choice for players who want to be great healers in the game.

Warden Healer

The Warden Healer Class ranks at an A-tier. The class is renowned for its versatility in various roles, including Tanking. However, it truly shines as a Healer in PvE content. Let's examine its advantages:

  • Maturation Passive: First and foremost, the Warden class has the Maturation passive, which grants Minor Toughness to players when they are healed by a Warden. This additional toughness can make a significant difference in the survivability of the group, and it's an ability that truly distinguishes the Warden from other healers.
  • Ultimate Healing Duo: Two of the standout abilities for Warden Healers are Healing Thicket and Enchanted Forest, which are potent Healing Ultimates. They provide substantial healing capabilities that can effectively sustain your group through challenging encounters. These ultimates are often the difference between life and death for your allies, making the Warden a highly sought-after healer in group content.
  • Versatile Healing Abilities: Additionally, the Warden offers several healing abilities that can further enhance their role as a healer. Fungal Growth, Healing Seed, and Living Vines morphs provide powerful tools to keep your group members healthy. Warden Healers can adapt with versatile abilities for various situations.
  • Support Skills: Wardens do more than just heal. They have support skills like Ice Fortress and Swarm morphs that boost their allies and weaken their enemies. These skills boost defense, crowd control, and reduce damage in tough fights.

In summary, the Warden Healer is a good choice for healing in The Elder Scrolls Online, especially for PvE content, thanks to its strong and reliable healing, unique passives, and powerful Healing Ultimates. Its versatility in healing and support roles makes it a preferred class for keeping allies alive in Tamriel.

Necromancer Healer

The Necromancer is also a A-tier list in ESO. It's not the best, but it's pretty good and reliable. People like it because it has some cool and unusual powers. This class is a different kind of healer in The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Unique Skillset: The Necromancer Healer is unique in its approach. Unlike traditional healers, Necromancers can summon minions to aid in battles and healing. This provides not only additional healing support but also introduces the aspect of crowd control and debuffs, making them a versatile class.
  • Minion Assistance: Necromancers can summon various minions to assist in fights, like the Spirit Guardian. This means they can provide not just direct healing but also supplementary damage and crowd control, which can be a game-changer in challenging encounters.
  • Crowd Control and Debuffs: Skills like Agony Totem and Ghostly Embrace enable Necromancer Healers to control the battlefield. These abilities aid in handling groups of foes, lessening damage, and improving overall healing.
  • Sustain and Burst Healing: Braided Tether and Mortal Coil are essential skills for sustaining healing and providing additional support. Blood Sacrifice, on the other hand, offers a potent burst heal when the situation requires it. The versatility in healing styles is a significant advantage.
  • Ultimate Healing: The Renewing Animation Ultimate skill is a game-changer. It not only revives fallen allies but also restores their resources. This can turn the tide of a battle by bringing back essential team members.
  • Complex to Master: While Necromancer Healers offer a powerful toolkit, they are more complex to use effectively compared to some other classes. This complexity can be a double-edged sword, as it might require more skill and practice to master, but the results are often worth the effort.

In summary, the Necromancer Healer in ESO is favored due to its unique combination of healing, damage, crowd control, and debuff abilities. This class's toolkit is well-suited to turning the tide of challenging battles and supporting groups effectively, making it one of the top choices for healers in the game.

Nightblade Healer

The Nightblade Healer in The Elder Scrolls Online is commonly seen as a reliable option for PvE healing. It's positioned in the B-tier on our Tier List for various convincing factors.

  • Versatile Healing Abilities: Nightblades possess a diverse set of healing abilities. They can mend wounds, cleanse debuffs, and keep their allies in peak fighting condition. These abilities are vital for group survival in PvE encounters.
  • Control and Utility: Nightblades have crowd-control abilities, such as fear, which can be invaluable in PvE situations. Controlling enemy mobs and managing aggro are vital aspects of effective healing, and Nightblades excel in this area.
  • Shade Ability: The Nightblade's "Shade" ability (Active abilities: Summon Shade, Shadow Image, Dark Shade) is a unique tool for applying the "Minor Main" debuff to enemies. This debuff reduces the damage they deal, making encounters more manageable. It also provides a level of versatility that many other healers may lack.
  • Resource Management: Nightblades have the "Siphoning Attacks" skill that helps manage resources effectively. This is especially beneficial in extended PvE encounters, enabling the healer to maintain their support consistently.
  • Dungeon and Trial Viability: Nightblade healers can perform effectively in both dungeons and trials, making them versatile choices for all kinds of PvE content. Their adaptability to different scenarios is one of their key strengths.

It's worth noting that while Nightblade healers are praised for their abilities and utility in PvE, they do have some limitations. For instance, they are typically encouraged to use a Restoration Staff for healing, which might restrict their weapon choices. However, this drawback is often outweighed by the many benefits they bring to a group in terms of healing, control, and resource management.

In summary, the Nightblade Healer in The Elder Scrolls Online occupies a B-tier status for PvE content. Nightblade are notably proficient as DPS, but their performance as healers is less impressive.

Sorcerer Healer

The Sorcerer class in The Elder Scrolls Online isn't typically associated with healing; instead, it's known for its formidable magical damage-dealing capabilities. However, there are instances where Sorcerers can be effective healers, particularly in PvE settings:

  • Summon Twilight Matriarch: The Sorcerer's "Summon Twilight Matriarch" is a key healing ability. While not a dedicated healing skill, it summons a pet that provides consistent healing over time, making it the Sorcerer's best healing option. This pet can be a reliable source of support during battles, ensuring that allies' health remains stable.
  • Power Surge: The skill offers additional healing to the group. This ability, when combined with other healing effects, boosts total healing. It's a versatile skill that helps the Sorcerer Healer keep the group healthy.
  • Support-Focused: Sorcerer Healers may not have the extensive healing toolkit of classes like Templars or Wardens, but they compensate with strong support capabilities. They boost group damage with "Summon Storm Atronach" Ultimate morphs, providing Major Berserk. This is particularly valuable in PvE encounters where maximizing damage is crucial.
  • Daedric Assistance: While Sorcerers lack traditional healing spells, they rely on their Daedric summons for aid. The Twilight Matriarch is a healing companion that can effectively assist in maintaining the group's health. This unique approach to healing sets Sorcerer Healers apart from more conventional healing classes.
  • Adaptability: The flexibility of Sorcerers allows them to switch between damage-dealing and healing roles when necessary. This adaptability is valuable in PvE content where groups may require additional healing, and Sorcerer Healers can seamlessly transition to provide support.

In summary, Sorcerer Healers in The Elder Scrolls Online aren't the conventional choice for healers, but they bring a unique approach to healing through their Daedric summons and support abilities. Their healing capabilities, combined with the flexibility to adapt to different roles, make them a strong option for PvE content. As the group meta evolves, Sorcerer Healers find their place as valuable members of the healing team.

Dragonknight Healer

The Dragonknight class in The Elder Scrolls Online has often been regarded as an unconventional choice for the Healer role in PvE content. There are several reasons for this perception:

  • Limited Healing Abilities: The Dragonknight class does possess a few healing abilities, such as Cauterize and Obsidian Shard, but they are relatively limited in comparison to dedicated healing classes like Templars. These healing skills often come with additional effects, making them more versatile for other roles, such as DPS or Tanking.
  • Cinder Storm as an AOE Healing Ability: While Cinder Storm is an Area of Effect (AOE) healing ability for Dragonknights, it doesn't provide the same level of healing and utility as similar skills from other classes. This means that groups looking for a dedicated healer may not find Dragonknights to be the most effective choice.
  • Popularity and Viability: Dragonknights are not a very popular choice for healers, and this is for a good reason. The class's toolkit and abilities are better suited for tanking and DPS, where their strengths lie. As a result, they are often overshadowed by classes like Templars or Wardens, who excel in healing and support roles.

In practice, Dragonknights are rarely selected as healers in typical group compositions. Instead, they are favored for their tanking and DPS capabilities, where their toolkit and abilities align more effectively. To excel as a healer in ESO, players often opt for classes better equipped with dedicated healing skills, resulting in the Dragonknight Healer class being considered less effective in this role.

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Now that you know about the best healers, it's up to you to decide. It's your game, and you can choose how you want to play it. Who knows, maybe a different class is your personal S-tier pick, and that's perfectly fine! Keep being an awesome healer, and good luck in your adventures.

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