Top Classes to Play in Dragonflight: Best Healers, Best Tanks, Best Damage Dealers

10 January 2023 | Blog

Class changes in Dragonflight

Now we finally got to new wow expansion, Dragonflight and after so many fighting and raiding in Shadowlands now we finally get to very new content and we know how important for you to choose the right character to play in Dragonflight so we made a small chart of the classes and specs that are the best in healing, DPS and tanking, you can choose based on this rank or you can make our own rating, either ways we so much hope you will love the new WoW Dragonflight expansion!

Dragonflight Best DPS Class

Damage dealers and casters are probably the most popular roles to play in DF, yet there are many of them plus there are changes came to classes with the Dragonflight release as well as addition of new Evoker class so how to choose your best and nicest DPS hero? The one who will hit like a God and fry mobs and bosses on the slow fire?^^

Best DPS classes in Dragonflight

Rogue Dragonflight class changes

Rogue DF gear

Rogue Outlaw in Dragonflight: grand potential because of the huge DPS (especially for cleave and AoE damage with Blade Flurry), amazing burst and all the nice features of rogue remains and its DPS is like a sweet cherry on top of the cake. At the moment he has no evens being the most versatile choice in both mythic+ and raid content with multiple viable builds. Nice survivability due escape abilities such as Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion and Crimson Vial and enormous control and utility in Mythic+ thanks to Sap, Gouge, Blind and Shroud of Concealment. So Rogue is number one for now. Yet to have a good playing rogue you will need the Best Gear for Rogue.

Shaman Dragonflight class changes

Shaman DF gear

Shaman enhancement in Dragonflight: this spec is one of the most promising in Dragonflight, he is very pleasant to play with and it's shocking what he can do now in the new expansion. Amazing damage characteristics if you use talents and skills correctly, very good surviving thanks for additional passive talents. All together lifts up shaman on the very high level in Dragonflight. Yet, due to the surviving build mobility is getting worse. Counting all the pluses and minuses Shaman can be in the top and very interesting class to play in DF. The shaman will need some epic pieces of loot in order to play as good as it gets! Getting Best Gear for Shaman is easy.

Mage Dragonflight class changes

Mage Arcane in DF: makes sense to play cause its one of the highest burst DpS, also he can now do damage on the go and avoid incoming damage by its high mobility and mitigation, so having Arcane Mage in DF you will get a class with wonderful surviving characteristics, great DPS and mobility, yet even nooby can learn how to play Arcane Mage quite fast. Playing arcane mage is more fun if you have Best Gear for Mage.

Death Knight Dragonflight class changes

Unholy DK, some players underestimated Death Knight at the start of Dragonflight and they did wrong. DK Unholy is able to push few enemies at once with its AOE burst potential, though he has never before been able to do it so nicely and successfully. For now, DK can potentially become one of the best classes in WoW. You can push at Arena on high rating due to good control and tankiness or squeeze huge DPS out of your DK in endgame PvE. DK needs trinkets and other DK Gear Pieces to be really smashing and useful in playing wow!

Dragonflight Best Heal Class

Paladin Holy in Dragonflight

Paladin DF gear

Paladin Holy was very successful in tier lists of the previous expansions. Great potential, massive healing ability during his cooldowns as well as some cool raid cooldowns such as Aura Mastery used with Devotion Aura and useful utility spells such as Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Freedom. All these things could make Paladin a top healing class yet in Dragonflight he misses some AoE healing if multiple targets are spread and thus cannot be named as a top healing hero for Dragonflight dungeons. He is a weaker healer comparing to other healing classes in Mythic+ dungeons, and even though stack healing multiple targets is easier in the raids, holy paladin in Dragonflight cannot make it to the max. If you need the Best Gear for Paladin Holy you are in the right place :)

Priest Discipline in Dragonflight

Priest DF gear

Discipline priest is the most difficult spec to play, one of the most difficult in previous expansion and this tendency continued in Dragonflight. Why is it best as a healer in the whole of WoW raids? You cannot replace it, no way. Very short cooldowns of high bursts allow to easily deal with short periods of high damage, strong effective health pool increase with Power Word: Barrier and Power Word: Shield abilities as well as strong sustain spot healing in raids. Even though Disc priest is weaker in DF comparing to other classes regarding overall healing output, all the rest of the exclusive to priest things remained the same and even some of the nice things got bigger. With the big assurance, you can name Discipline Priest as the best Dragonflight healer at dealing with short periods of intense damage for now. Having the right gear for any heal is essential to get The Best Gear for Heal to start your further adventures in WoW.

Druid Restoration in Dragonflight

Restoration druid, one of the best healing classes in previous expansion, what we have now in Dragonflight for druid heal? Things that changed: druids have the best overall healing output with the best mobility healing at this moment. Among other pluses, druid has lots of strong healing cooldownds such as Tranquility, Convoke the Spirits, and Flourish making it the best choice for Mythic+ dungeons. Also yet for now, the druid has really good survival characteristics, spread, tank and debuff healing, so thanks to these strength druid restoration can be useful in Dragonflight raids progression as well. Make your druid the most playable with Best Gear Druid to start your further adventures in Warcraft!

New Evoker Preservation class in DF

Evoker Preservation is a newcomer in Dragonflight and he has great burst healing output, powerful raid / party cooldowns along with a unique set of defensive cooldowns. They are one of the best healers in the current meta for Mythic+ and is a very strong choice for raids thanks to their top-notch mobility, very strong HPS and excellent damage output toolkit (both in AoE and solo target). The only con they have is their 30-yard range limit for heals making it not the best choice to heal spreaded targets, but it's only noticeable on very specific boss fights. We would put Preservation Evoker right behind resto druids as they are a bit weaker in raw single-target and burst healing, nevertheless their dps and cooldowns such as Rewind help to make up the gap. Having Best Gear for Evoker won't be a problem with us either!

Dragonflight Best TANK Class

The tank is not the easiest role to play, actually, if you are playing a tank, it's always easier to find a group not only for dungeons and LFR raids but also for heroic raids with random groups and all other in-game activities, especially nicely geared tank. So what is the best tank to play in Dragonflight? What's the best tank for mythic plus? Or what is the best in the rank tank for the mythic raiding and highest m+ keystone levels? Last but not least, what is the most fun to play a tank in World of Warcraft for now?

Protection Warrior in Dragonflight

Warrior DF gear

Warrior Protection is the best tank in Dragonflight currently because he has the best survivability (which a tank needs the most, right?) and best physical damage mitigation tools. Thanks to his Defensive Stance he can survive the damage other tanks can't making warrior good at blocking the physical damage from any source. He has also the strongest non-healer raid cooldown in the game called Rallying Cry making him useful for the mythic plus carry as well as for raids of any difficulty. And last but not least, prot wars are very mobile thanks to Heroic Leap, Charge and Intervene abilities. Yet again without the Best Gear for Tank high level mythic plus or raiding won't be possible.

Demon Hunter Vengeance in DF

Demon Hunter DF gear

Vengeance Demon Hunters are very strong all-round tanks with great survivability (both physical and magic damage), sustained self-healing, mobility and AoE damage output making it a very versatile choice in Dragonflight both for raids and mythic+ dungeons. They also have solid defensive abilities to mitigate incoming burst damage making them especially good for tanking raid bosses. And even though there are stronger tanks either offensively (loses to prot paladins) or defensively (loses to prot wars), Vengeance is an excellent choice for any goal and content. Especially if you have The Best Tanking gear to improve your gaming experience even more.