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About Bestiary

The Bestiary in Diablo Immortal is a large tome that catalogs the unique, rare, and common monsters found in the game. It contains 104 entries that need to be completed, and players can unlock new entries by defeating enemies and collecting Monstrous Essence. Each time 10 Monstrous Essence orbs are collected, they can be turned in to obtain a new entry in the Bestiary. The Bestiary is separated into three sections based on monster rarity, and completing entries can help with Battle Pass progression and reveal unique details and lore about each monster. The Bestiary can be opened at any time from the pause menu, but Monstrous Essence can only be turned in at one of the altars found in the safe zones, marked by an open book symbol on the map.

To farm for Monstrous Essence, players can defeat any monster in any zone, but the chances of it dropping are low. Joining a party can make it easier to farm for these special items. The page awarded for turning in Monstrous Essence is random, so players don't need to keep track of the creatures they've unlocked or fight creatures in specific zones. Since only three sets of Monstrous Essence can be turned in each day, it will take at least 35 days to complete the entire book. Along with Battle Points and a large XP bonus, players will receive a bundle of gold and equipment for each page they complete.

The Horadric Bestiary is a collection of lore pages that can be accessed in Westmarch and every safe hub across the PvE zones in the game. It is empty when first opened, but as players fill out its pages, they'll learn more about the monsters and elite and boss enemies found across Diablo Immortal. To fill the Horadric Bestiary, players need to collect monstrous essence from enemies they kill across the world. Their drop rate is somewhat low, and it takes ten essence to collect a page. Each day, players can collect up to three pages of the Horadric Bestiary. Once ten essence are collected, they must head back to the Bestiary and unlock a page before they can collect any more. Farming monstrous essence can be done by spending time in enemy-dense activities, such as dungeons and elder rifts, or by completing daily bounties from the bounty board in Westmarch.

Filling out the Horadric Bestiary has several benefits. Each page completed nets players lots of gold and gear, including legendary pieces if they're lucky. If players aren't lucky and get a duplicate Bestiary page, they still receive some extra gold as a pity reward. Completing pages also earns players a decent chunk of battle pass points, which is significant regardless of how far they've progressed through it. Finally, completing Horadric Bestiary pages also earns players a big chunk of XP, making it a great daily goal for progress-minded players.

In summary, the Bestiary and Horadric Bestiary in Diablo Immortal are valuable sources of XP, loot, and lore. Players can fill out the Bestiary by defeating enemies and collecting Monstrous Essence, while the Horadric Bestiary requires collecting monstrous essence from enemies killed across the world. Completing pages in both bestiaries has several benefits, including earning gold, gear, battle pass points, and XP.


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