The Forgotten Hall

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    NOTE: Required Trailblaze level for obtaining all of the Stages is 50. If your Level is lower, you won't be able to obtain all the 12 Stages


  • Activated Honkai: Star Rail Account
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  • Required Trailblaze level for obtaining all of the Stages is 50. If your Level is lower, you won't be able to obtain all the 12 Stages
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The Forgotten Hall is a captivating and enigmatic location within the vast universe of "Honkai: Star Rail." Known for its deep historical significance and intricate puzzles, this site challenges both the intellect and combat skills of its visitors. As adventurers delve into the depths of this ancient site, they uncover not only the secrets it holds but also face formidable guardians set on protecting its mysteries.

Overview of The Forgotten Hall


Located in an obscure part of the galaxy, The Forgotten Hall serves as a monumental relic from an ancient civilization, now lost to the cosmos. The architecture within the hall is a marvel, featuring dynamic designs that seem to reshape and reform, creating an ever-changing maze of hallways and chambers that defy conventional physics.

The Structure and Stages of The Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall is divided into 12 distinct stages, each offering unique challenges and enemies:

  • Entrance Vestibule: The starting point where explorers must solve their first set of mechanical puzzles to gain deeper access.
  • Guardian's Corridor: Lined with ancient automatons, this corridor tests the combat abilities of adventurers.
  • Hall of Echoes: Echoes of past conversations play over, requiring players to listen carefully to solve audio-based puzzles.
  • Luminous Garden: A paradoxical area where the flora is bioluminescent and puzzles involve manipulating light and shadows.
  • Chamber of Trials: Combat skills are put to the test against spectral warriors from the past.
  • The Reflecting Abyss: Mirrors line the walls, and players must align reflections to open hidden passages.
  • Library of the Ancients: Filled with cryptic texts, deciphering ancient scripts here is key to progression.
  • The Ascendant's Vault: This stage involves navigating through anti-gravity fields and spatial puzzles.
  • Sanctum of Time: Time manipulation puzzles where players must sync actions across different temporal layers.
  • The Descent: A vertical maze where navigating drop-offs and vertical climbs is crucial.
  • Penultimate Ward: The second-last challenge combining elements of all previous puzzles and battles.
  • Sanctuary of the Core: The final stage, hosting the ultimate guardian and the hall’s most profound secret.

Challenges and Enemies

Each stage of The Forgotten Hall is guarded by both mechanical and spectral defenders, remnants of the hall’s protective measures. These guardians range from ancient robotic sentinels to ghostly figures bound to the hall through mysterious ancient rites.

Rewards and Artifacts

Adventurers who successfully navigate the complexities of The Forgotten Hall can find themselves richly rewarded. The hall is known to house powerful artifacts that are imbued with ancient energies, offering abilities that can significantly enhance a player's journey through the game. Alongside these unique items, players can also gather rare ascension materials that are crucial for character development.

Why You Should Try The Forgotten Hall Boost

Visiting The Forgotten Hall offers a deep dive into the lore of the Honkai universe, enriching the narrative experience. The diverse challenges of puzzles and combat across 12 unique stages provide a comprehensive test of a player’s strategic and combat capabilities. The exclusive rewards, including unique artifacts and essential ascension materials, are indispensable for advancing in "Honkai: Star Rail."

Whether drawn by the thrill of battle, the joy of puzzle-solving, or the lure of ancient artifacts, The Forgotten Hall promises an adventure that is both rewarding and intellectually stimulating.


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The Forgotten Hall