New World Trial of the Devourer Raid Boost

Here you can buy New World Trial of the Devourer Raid Boost service, which offers assistance in completing this challenge. With our team, you can quickly complete this raid and obtain valuable tier V gear.

Service Includes

  • Completed Trial of the Devourer Raid.
  • Major and Minor Sandwurm Caches with chance to obtain:
    • Epic tier V gear up to 625 GS items.
    • Legendary tier V gear up to 625 GS items.
  • Raid basic reward - 1 Rolled Sandwurm item.

Note: You can get the Minor Sandwurm Spoils Reward Cache once per day and The Major Sandwurm Spoils Reward Cache once per week.


  • You must have an active New World account to use this service.
  • Character level 60 and at least 600 GS to complete raid.
  • This service is performed using the Account Sharing method only.

Boost Options Explained

  • Select region - In this option, you need to select the region where you play.
  • Account sharing - This option means allowing the booster to access your account to perform the service.
  • Select amount of runs - In this option, you need to select how many times you want to complete the raid.

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About Trial of the Devourer Raid

The Trial of the Devourer Raid, also known as the Sandwurm Raid or by its full name, Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen, The Devourer, is a PvE activity designed for 20 players, presenting a formidable challenge even for the most experienced adventurers. Now, we will tell you more about what awaits you and prepare you to face the Sandwurm itself. The raid is located in the southwest Brimstone Sands, inviting adventurers to brave its challenges(recomended level 60+). If you haven't reached the required level yet, don't despair, our New World Power Leveling Boost service is ready to assist you in this and grant access to this срфддф. Here's The Trial of the Devourer Raid location on Map:


How to Prepare to The Trial of the Devourer Raid?

Before heading to face the boss, it's crucial to prepare thoroughly. To enter this Sandwurm Raid, you'll need a raid group of at least 12 players, but the recommended group size is 20 players. Ideally, the party should consist of 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 16 DPS. Before setting out, it's also advisable to stock up on beast coatings and beast ward potions to maximize damage and protection against mobs inside the arena, as well as acid tinctures for defense against the Sandwurm.

Conquer the The Trial of the Devourer and Claim your Rewards

To summon the Sandwurm, you must strike the drum in the center of the arena. Throughout the battle, tanks should be positioned to the left of the boss, which helps control the worm's acid spew to minimize damage to DPS. The battle will be further complicated by constantly spawning mobs with shields. To neutralize them, you'll need to use the light mechanic, which is explained to you in a mini-tutorial before the raid. This mechanic grants the entire group buffs, particularly a buff for shield destruction to kill the mobs. In general, you can expect a challenging battle.

Defeating the boss, though challenging, brings great rewards. Victory over the Sandwurm will grant you a basic, daily, and weekly reward. From the daily reward, you'll receive 1 Sandwurm item, 1 Timeless Shard, 80 Dark Matter, 1 Gypsum Orb, and 200 Sandwurm Materia. From the weekly reward, you'll receive 1 Named Sandwurm Weapon, 3 Gypsum Orbs, 320 Dark Matter, Heartrune of the Devourer Tier 1, and 200 Sandwurm Materia. The basic reward consists of 1 Rolled Sandwurm item. While it's not guaranteed, the rewards are worth it. Just remember, you need a high gear score to complete the raid. If you want to get legendary items now, try our Gear Score Boost service to save time on leveling and start the The Trial of the Devourer runs for rewards.

Benefits of Using our New World The Trial of the Devourer Raid Boost Service

  • Save Your Time: The Trial of the Devourer Raid can take a long time and be tough. Our service helps you skip the grind and finish it efficiently. This leaves you more time to explore other parts of New World, level up in different ways, or just relax and enjoy the game at your own pace.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team are experienced New World players who know The Trial of the Devourer inside out. They know the raid layout, enemy tactics, and the best strategies to get through it quickly.
  • Guaranteed Completion: When you choose our service, you can be sure you'll finish The Trial of the Devourer Raid and get the rewards. Our boosters are skilled and have a track record of success.
  • Competitive Prices: Our New World The Trial of the Devourer Raid Boost Service is priced competitively, giving you great value for your money. Compared to the time and effort it takes to complete the expedition yourself, our service is a cost-effective way to get valuable loot and level up your character.

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Trial of the Devourer