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The long-awaited sequel to Honkai Impact 3d from the developers of Genshin Impact. Discover a new futuristic world, endless space and get closer to the JRPG-style combat system. Exciting new adventures, many unexplored locations, and unforgettable gaming experiences awaits you.

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The New Spark in The Starry Sky

Embark on your first journey into the Honkai: Star Rail together with MmonsteR! Defeat the Legion on the Herta Space Station, Survive in the Snows of Belobog, Help unravel the corruption of Stellaron. No matter where you face hardships, your friends from the Astral Express will be by your side.

Leveling up is a key aspect of any game, and we understand how important it is to have a strong and powerful character in this gaming world. Our team of experienced players is ready to take on the task of leveling up your Trailblaze and help you achieve greatness.


The Path of Trailblazer

Step out of the Nameless and enter the Path of Traiblazer. You have to visit many planets and meet many wonderful people who will become good companions for you. Gather your team and go to every corner of the planet where your Astral Express will land.

During your adventures in Honkai: Star Rail, you will encounter a large number of riddles and puzzles. Whether it's Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, or the Xianzhou Luofu, all of these locations have an incredible amount of chests. Our team will help you get achievements in farming all the treasures. Complete the Achievements and get a large amount of Star Jade and a lot of resources to improve your Characters as a reward!


Discover Virtual Reality

In Honkai: Star Rail you will meet a new activity - the Simulated Universe. This mode is a kind of Rogue-Like mode in which players will be able to test their strength and fight with opponents that have already met on their way as they progress through the campaign in the game.

Level up the Ability Tree, take on characters and choose the path of Blessing your team will take to receive rewards. For the Simulated Universe, whether you complete it or not, you will be given points that fill the weekly progress bar. Complete this game mode to get valuable rewards such as Stellar Jade, Immersifier, Star Rail Pass and more.


Challenge the strongest enemies in the game!

The Forgotten Hall is the perfect place to test your skills and showcase your prowess. Conquer waves of enemies, fight powerful bosses, and overcome time-based challenges. Each floor offers new trials and unique chambers filled with formidable foes.

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What does High-Priority Access mean?
With a every Diablo series launch, we receive numerous orders, but sometimes queue for order start can be very long. All customers who pre-order services using deposit bundles will be among the first who got their boost started.
How and when can I use my deposit?
Once Diablo 4 products will appear on our website and become available, you can order through our support team using your deposit.
What does VIP status on Discord mean?
VIP status gives you a permanent separate channel with our team, and the status itself lets our team know that your orders should be processed with the highest priority.
If I change my mind about playing and want to cancel my deposit order closer to game release can I get my money back?
Yes, you can cancel your deposit order, but only if the deposit has not been used yet. However, if you have already spent part of the deposit, which contains a large discount, we will not be able to refund the remaining amount.
Can I buy this deposit after the release Diablo 4?
No, the deposit offers will be available until June 5th, after which access to them will be closed. In addition, we reserve the right to close the deposit sales if too many have been sold to maintain exclusivity for customers who have used them.
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