7 Top Ways How to Gear up Fast in Shadowlands: Best WoW Guide

21 September 2021 | NEWS

Best ways to gear up fast in Shadowlands

Hi players! WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1 is here for a while and there are too many questions revealed that need our instant answer, and we bet the most important one is how to gear up fast to be ready for higher difficulty Sanctum of Domination raid, Season 2 Mythic+ Dungeons, PvP and other activities. So look no further as today we will review seven quickest possible ways to gear up your character in Chains of Domination endgame content in this ultimate wow gearing guide.

Korthia Gear fast gearing from new Locations and Events

Korthia Gear Shadowlands

The biggest gear source for you in the Chains of Domination patch, which you can get solo, is the new zone called Korthia and new activities in the Maw called Covenant Assaults. The gear obtained there doesn't have a special name so we will call it Korthian Gear from now on. You can get Korthian gear by purchasing Korthian Armaments from Death's Advance quartermaster at Keeper's Respite for 1000 Stygia (requires Friendly reputation with Death’s Advance faction), from dailies in Korthia, from weekly quest called Shaping Fate, as a drop from rares and treasures in Korthia and as a reward for completing Covenant Assaults in the Maw. There is one drawback Korthian gear has though: there will be no gem slots in these gear pieces.

Korthian gear has basic item level 200 and can be upgraded to up to 233 ilvl. If you still remember Benthic gear from the Nazjatar, this system is quite similar, but the Korthian Armaments tokens contain pieces of gear for random item slots so it can be a pretty RNG filled task to get all the needed items. To upgrade Korthian gear you will need to have special local currency called Cataloged Research. You can get this one for collecting Relic Fragment items from all kinds of activities in Korthia and turning them to the new The Archivists' Codex faction, as a reward for completing Archivist Roh-Suir quests, as a rare drop from rares and for finding hidden quest items scattered through Korthia. You will need tremendous amounts of Cataloged Research items as this is the most important currency and is needed not only to upgrade Korthian Gear, but also to progress through Archivist’s Codex reputation, purchase some useful must have items and more.

Korthia Gear Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6
Korthia Gear Item Level 200 207 213 220 226 233
Upgrade Cost in Cataloged Research - 250 750 1250 2000 3000

You can start upgrading Korthian gear once you have unlocked the Archivist Roh-Suir by completing Archivist’s intro questline. Korthian gear has a total of 6 ranks with each rank giving an upgrade of 6-7 item levels ending with 233 item level at Rank 6.Ranks 2-4 are unlocked after completing the Roh-Suir questline granting you an ability to upgrade your Korthian Gear to item level 220 right away. Ranks 5 and 6 are tied to Archivist’s Codex reputation and are unlocked when you reach Tier 6 reputation level and buy special Research Report: Adaptive Alloys and Research Report: First Alloys items from faction's vendor. You get reputation with them by turning in Relic Fragment to Archivist Roh-Suir. This gear source farm method is quite simple, but at the same time can be very time consuming. We are ready to help you to obtain up to 240 item level of your character a lot faster with our Character Power Up Boost or Gear Item Level Boost service so save yourself lots of time on a boring farm routine.

Earn Mythic Plus Gear in Shadowlands Dungeon Season 2

Mythic Plus Gear Boost

Traditionally mythic plus dungeons remain one of the best sources to get high item level gear in World of Warcraft. The higher level of the mythic+ keystone you've got, the higher item level of the gear piece you will get in the end of the mythic plus dungeon run, plus the Great Vault drops items with even higher ilvl. Also, you will now get mythic+ rating based on how high of a keystone level you completed for each dungeon with a new Mythic+ rating system added in Patch 9.1. The item levels in Season 2 Mythic+ Dungeons have been raised by 26 item levels compared to Season 1 as may be seen in the table below and you can also upgrade your mythic plus gear with Valor Points to up to 246 ilvl (Rank 12)

There will be few dos and don'ts here. Do not waste your Valor points on the items from low keys. If possible, try to reach out the best in slot gear pieces and collect valor points as much as you can. They will be in your favor this season if you have plenty of them. One more feature was also added in patch 9.1: you receive 65 additional Valor if anyone in your group gains a mythic+ rating upgrade from that dungeon. So do not ignore the social component by improving other people's mythic plus score, that will give you more Valor points as well. In order to get a great mythic plus team for any key level, just press here and hire our players to do the required amount of Mythic Plus Dungeon Boost Runs for you. As usual, you can still use our calendar to book yourself exact run time, add loot traders, select specific dungeons and now even get Mythic+ subscription to join our runs several weeks in a row or the whole season until the next season's release at a super discounted price, just select the appropriate subscription option on a product page.

Mythic+ Level +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15
End of Dungeon Chest (ilvl) 210 213 216 220 223 223 226 226 229 229 233 233 236 236
The Great Vault (ilvl) 226 226 226 229 229 233 236 236 239 242 246 246 249 252

And as the icing on the cake, we now offer a special 4x Mythic+ 15 Combo Pack for those of you who want to gear up fast in mythic+ gear. This pack includes four Mythic plus 15 runs in time with 2 loot traders of the same armor type for the price of three runs and makes gearing in WoW dungeons more affordable than ever. Also, there is new portion of Mythic+ content arriving in patch 9.1.5 called Legion Timewalking Mythic+ Dungeons. There will be 6 Legion dungeons added with new affix and the event itself will last 2 weeks the first time it releases, giving players new way and enough time to gear their characters. The gear rewarded for completing Legion Mythic+ Dungeons will have the same item level, as gear from relevant Shadowlands mythic+ dungeons and they even can be upgraded with Valor. Completing M+ Timewalking dungeons will also count towards Great Vault weekly rewards, however you won't be able to choose items from Legion dungeons there. Stay tuned for updates as we will definitely offer Legion Mythic+ Dungeon Boost Carry service for sale when patch 9.1.5 arrives.

The best Raiding Gear from new Sanctum of Domination Raid in patch 9.1

Sanctum of Domination SoD raiding gear

Sanctum of Domination is a new 10 boss raid arrived with the Chains of Domination patch. The gear dropped from SoD bosses has from 213 item level on LFR difficulty to up to 252 item level on Mythic with items from Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner 2 last bosses being 7 item levels higher. As usual, gear items from the raid are the best but this time it's even better than "the best" since some items from Sanctum of Domination have new Domination sockets for special gems called Shards of Domination to upgrade your Sanctum of Domination gear with different stats and side effects. This gear is called Domination Gear. There are 3 types of shards available: Unholy, Frost and Blood and not only each shard has a certain power on it, but combining 3 shards of the same type will give your character Rune Word effect which increases your gear's effectiveness even more granting some interesting passive abilities and buffs. The socket bonus power is only active in SoD Raid, in the Maw or inside Torghast Tower. There are 5 different slots of Domination gear total for each armor type (cloth, leather, plate, and mail), so if you have all 5 domination gear items, you can have a socket bonus with 3 pieces of gear and then choose the most beneficial or useful shards you want on the other two gear pieces. All armor types always have Head, Shoulder and Chest slots as domination gear with 2 last pieces being different for different armor types, see the table below.

Please keep in mind that, if possible, it is way better to craft legendaries in different item slots, so that your char can take full advantage of Domination gear bonuses and SoD gear drops. Where to get the Shards of Domination for your gear slots? You can simply obtain them as a personal drop from Sanctum of Domination raid bosses. You can also upgrade these shards 4 times with the help of new Stygian Ember currency which you can get as a drop from SoD raid bosses and as a reward for completing Korthia weekly quest Shaping Fate. Need a cool group for the Sanctum of Domination runs or a full gear service to get new raid gear in each item slot of your character guaranteed? Hire our raiding group to join any of our Sanctum of Domination Raid Boost runs today. Simply select your raid difficulty, loot options and get your raid spot appointed in no time. And don't forget to add loot traders in your order to have maximum amount of loot possible and minimum item guarantee from your loot run. We also have a new feature for you in patch 9.1, you can get a SoD raid subscription to raid with us several weeks or the whole season until the next raid release at a super discounted price, just select the appropriate subscription option on a product page.

Armor Type Domination Gear Item Slot
Cloth Head Shoulder Chest Wrists Waist
Leather Head Shoulder Chest Hands Feet
Mail Head Shoulder Chest Waist Feet
Plate Head Shoulder Chest Wrists Hands

And as you may already know, cross-realm Sanctum of Domination Mythic raid becomes available for players next reset so if you want to get the absolutely best raiding gear in WoW without the need of transferring your character to another server, we have everything set as we have several Mythic raids running every week for both factions. Buy our SoD Mythic Boost or SoD Mythic Full Gear Boost services, join one of our top raiding guilds today and get your 252+ item level items today! In our SoD Mythic loot raids we offer a minimum amount of items that you will get during the run guaranteed so be assured you won't leave our raid empty ?

How to get Tazavesh Megadungeon Gear fast and easy

Tazavesh Megadungeon gear shadowlands

Tazavesh megadungeon is a Mythic only dungeon available from the day one of the Chains of Domination 9.1 patch, which is set in a Broker bazaar. Like Operation: Mechagon from BFA, it has Normal and Hard mode, which you can activate by performing special activities. Tazavesh bosses drop gear of 226 item level in normal mode and gear of 233 ilvl in Tazavesh hard mode called Priceless Mythic Gear with a lot of items having some interesting effects, for example these wrists for plate meelees Vambraces of Verification from Zo'phex boss have really cool on-equip bonus when disarmed or this crossbow Yasahm the Riftbreaker from Zo'gron has very interesting unique proc. There are 8 bosses in Tazavesh dungeon and the drop from them includes gear for each slot for all classes, including weapons, trinkets and jewelry, so it is very possible that you can gear up full in either 226 or 233 doing runs into this mega-dungeon each week for several weeks. Also, each boss drops Endurance and Finesse Conduit upgrades for all classes, which players can get as a personal drop. And as a bonus, any player who completes the Hard Mode run will get a unique Tazavesh Gearglider flying disc mount. It is likely that in some future patch Tazavesh also will be split into two dungeons for Mythic+ versions, like it was in previous bfa megadungeon Operation: Mechagon, and Tazavesh gear will continue to be viable until the very end of Shadowlands expansion. Want to find a good group for Tazavesh run on Hard mode and have better chances with loot thanks to loot trading from other players of the same armor type? You can simply hire our team with our Tazavesh Boost Carry just by selecting Hard mode, adding required loot options and checking out, we will contact you and take your character in the nearest run today! You can use our dungeon calendar to book yourself a spot in our group at the exact and most convenient time.

Legendary Gear craft and upgrade in Patch 9.1

BiS Legendary gear shadowlands

We have crafted legendaries along the way from the start of WoW Shadowlands addon and now in the Chains of Domination patch we have two new ranks added: Rank 5 and Rank 6 upgrading your legendary gear item level to 249 ilvl and 262 ilvl respectively. Instead of the Soul Ash we have Soul Cinders now, the new currency used to craft or upgrade Legendary items to 2 last ranks. You can mainly obtain Soul Cinders by completing layers 8 to 12 of Torghast Tower runs, but you can also farm less amount for completing new weekly activities such as Covenant Assaults and Tormentors of Torghast in the Maw. New feature in patch 9.1 is that you can farm much more Soul Ash for completing Torghast first time during the week, which is 2060 Soul Ash per week for completing layer 12 of both Torghast wings. Also, you are able to re-run already cleared Torghast layers for additional Soul Ash and can send excessive soul ash from/to your alts through special BoA boxes. These changes will save you a lot of time for collecting the required amount of Soul Ash to upgrade or craft your rank 1-4 Legendary gear. But still, for rank 5 and 6 legendaries you can earn Soul Cinders from Torghast wings only once per week from each layer, meaning it will take you up to several weeks of Torghast Layer 12 runs and doing weekly routine in Korthia and the Maw to craft your required Legendary item. Depending on your server, you will also have to spend up to 100k gold to buy your legendary base item and stat missives from the auction house. Too much trouble, isn’t it? We have prepared a solution! Simply buy our Legendary Gear Craft Boost and we will make sure you’ll get your best in slot Legendary Gear crafted or upgraded to desired rank in the shortest time possible! Just type in your desired Legendary Item or Power you want to craft or upgrade and select your legendary item’s current and goal rank. But choose your legendary item wisely: for your bis legendary item select an item slot which doesn’t have Domination Gear available for your class.

Farm Season 2 PvP Gear for Conquest and Honor

Season 2 PvP Gear Shadowlands

Season 2 PvP gear system has got a dramatic change in the Chains of Domination patch becoming adaptable, meaning that your pvp gear will adapt between PvE and PvP and its item level increases by 13 ilvl once you enter the PvP and do PvP content like Arenas, Battlegrounds and War Mode in World PvP. There are 2 types of gear available from PvP Vendor: Unrated or Honor pvp gear and Rated or Conquest pvp gear. Unrated Gear is called Unchained Aspirant´s gear and sold for Honor points earned from any PvP activities. The Rated gear in PvP Season 2 is called Unchained Gladiator´s gear. It is sold for Conquest points earned for engaging in rated pvp activities. See the tables below to know item levels and requirements to upgrade your Honor and Conquest pvp gear in the new 9.1 patch.

You can upgrade both Honor and Conquest PvP gear item levels simply by using Honor to increase its rank. Honor points can be farmed without limit, so you can acquire any amount of Honor Gear and boost your Conquest gear’s item levels at whatever rate you want. But please note that upgrading your Honor gear to ranks 4-7 will require leveling of Renown level with your Covenant, and also upgrading Conquest gear to a higher rank in turn will require gaining a higher Season 2 PvP rating. Also, different item slots require different amount of Honor, with weapons being most demanding items. In the end, it will take big amount of Honor to upgrade your Rated or Unrated gear to higher ranks, making it one of the most required currency to farm for upgrading your Season 2 PvP Gear. Do you need a higher Rank in Shadowlands PvP Season 2 in any Arena bracket to increase item level of your pvp gear or get the required amount of honor or conquest points to buy needed pvp gear? Here we are to help you with our most relevant PvP Boost Carry Services. Our managers are also ready to advise you on the requirements for your character's gear to get the highest rating possible!

Rated Gear (Conquest gear)
Rank (Rating) Unranked Combatant Challenger Rival Duelist
PVE Item Level 220 226 233 240 246
PVP Item Level 233 239 246 253 259
Rating Requirement - 1400 1600 1800 2100
Unrated Gear (Honor gear)
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
PVE Item Level 177 184 190 197 203 210 216
PVP Item Level 190 197 203 210 216 223 229
Renown Requirement - - - 43 43 59 59

Guaranteed Gear from the weekly Great Vault

The Great Vault gear wow

Great Vault is the new weekly chest in Shadowlands. In 2 previous WoW expansions we had only one mythic+ objective to complete to unlock access to a weekly cache, which granted an item as a reward based on the highest m+ key player have done during that week. And as you already know, in Shadowlands major changes in weekly rewards were made adding 2 new categories where a player can get a weekly reward: Raids and PvP. Each of these 3 categories (Raids, Mythic+, PvP) has 3 objectives, making it up to 9 weekly objectives which you can complete every week to unlock up to 9 items to choose from as your weekly reward. Next week after maintenance, you can visit the Great Vault in Oribos and select a single reward from up to 9 items you've unlocked by reaching goals during last week.

Item level of rewards is based on difficulty level of completed activities or highest rank achieved. In Chains of Domination patch 9.1, you can unlock up to 3 items of 226/233 item level for killing 3+/6+/9+ bosses in Sanctum of Domination Normal, 239/246 ilvl for killing bosses in SoD Heroic and 252/259 ilvl items for killing bosses in Mythic raid. Mythic+ dungeon rewards also gain its item level from 226 ilvl for completing Mythic+ 2 dungeon(s) up to 252 ilvl for passing Mythic+ 14. Item levels of PvP weekly rewards highly depend on your highest bracket win rating starting from 233 ilvl for Combatant up to 252 ilvl for Duelist (Elite and Gladiator ranks also unlock 259 ilvl weapons).

One more change to the Great Vault in 9.1 is a new item called Attendant's Token of Merit which players, who do not wish to receive gear from the Great Vault, can exchange for rather some Anima, Soul Ash or Stygia. As for the Great Vault gear, try to play in such a way that you complete at least one goal required to get at least one guaranteed reward in the GV. However, the more objectives you complete, the more choices of gear will be offered to choose from and the more chances to get the most useful and required piece of gear. Either raid, Mythic plus dungeon or even some PvP activities can bring you some great gear which may upgrade your character. Make sure to switch to your main loot specialization before receiving items from the Great Vault and also try to pick an item from Great Vault only after you complete all your weekly activities to avoid duplicates. If you don’t have enough time for a weekly routine or simply want to get a better reward, don’t hesitate to use our Great Vault Boost service.

Congratulations! You've finished our ultimate wow gearing guide and now you know all 7 best ways how to gear up your WoW character fast in Shadowlands. If you still have questions or look for advice on which method is best for your character, please don't hesitate to contact us by pressing the button in the lower right corner and our managers will gladly help you. MmonsteR Team wishes you all the best luck to get your BiS items, take care ?