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15 May 2024 | Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Echo of Duriel (Uber Duriel) In-depth guide. How to get the best gear in D4 - Uber unique items

This guide provides comprehensive information about how to unlock and summon Uber Duriel and obtain the best gear from Echo of Duriel, an endgame boss in Diablo 4 Season 4 Season of Loot Reborn, the only boss that drop Uber uniques. You will also find a complete loot table showing the chances of obtaining Uber unique items with a higher probability from this boss.

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Uber Duriel Location in Diablo 4

To find the Echo of Duriel boss, you need to be on World Tier 4 (Torment) difficulty and head southeast from the capital of Kehjistan - Gea Kul. There, you will find the level 100 dungeon Gaping Crevasse, inside which is the altar for unlock Echo of Duriel.

Echo of Duriel altar location in Gaping Crevasse
Gaping Crevasse location

How to Summon Diablo IV Echo of Duriel

Upon entering the dungeon, you will meet the followers and fanatics of the Uber Duriel boss and reach the summoning altar, which should not cause any trouble. After all, if you are ready for Uber Duriel, what are these pathetic little people to you? The Pestilent Altar is located at the end of the dungeon in the area of The World's Bubo.

But before you can summon D4 Duriel, you must do some preparatory work and kill some endgame bosses. To perform the Ritual of Agony and summon Duriel, you must obtain x2 Mucus-Slick Egg and x2 Shard of Agony.

Note: each uber Duriel summon requires summoning materials.

image of pestilent altar where you can place materials to summon Echo of Duriel
Summoning materials required to summon Echo of Duriel

Where can I get materials for summoning Uber Duriel in D4?

Mucus slick eggs - you are guaranteed to get one for killing Echo of Varshan on World Tier IV (Torment).

Important: Only one who uses reagents for Varshan summoning will get Mucus slick eggs.

To summon Varshan himself, you need to collect 4 different malignant body parts:

You can obtain them by completing the Tree of Whispers tasks (body parts are in the rewards for 10 grim favors and drop randomly) and by killing Grotesque Debtors, which can randomly appear in any part of the game world. Before they appear on the map, you will see a special mark.

Shard of Agony - you get one for killing Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint on World Tier 4. To summon him, you will need 5 Living Steel. You can obtain them by opening Living Steel Chests for 300 cinders during Helltide.

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How to Beat Diablo 4 Uber Echo of Duriel

Finally, all the materials for the ritual are gathered, and now we can fight the boss. The battle will be difficult, as this is the second most difficult boss after Echo of Lilith. Before you press the desired Summon button, I recommend you check again if you are ready for the fight:

  1. The boss is designed for level 100 players (if you haven't reached it yet, you can use our Diablo 4 Power leveling boost to speed up the process).
  2. It is advisable to have 70% Poison resistance and a supply of Potent Elixir of Poison Resistance.
  3. A strong solo target build that can survive. It's recommended to have more than 7000 armor.
  4. Know the abilities of Uber Duriel and the phases of the fight, which I will write about below.

Abilities of Echo of Duriel

  • Claw slash: Uber Duriel makes a series of attacks in front of him, followed by a powerful ground strike, leaving a poison pool that damages anyone in it.
  • Poison pool: Occasionally, the boss releases poisonous spits that leave behind poison pools upon impact.
  • Charge: Duriel, Maggot King makes a dash towards the player, knocking them back and dealing significant damage on impact.
  • Devouring: Duriel can grab the player and start devouring them, making them immobile and dealing multiple damage.
  • Burrowing: The boss burrows underground and appears in one of the holes in the ground.
  • Maggots: Several times during the fight, Uber Duriel will summon Pang of Duriel - minions with low health but actively spit poisonous, painful attacks.

Phase 1

The ritual is initiated, the camera mysteriously moves back, and we begin the fight.

The battle starts with three marks visible on the ground.

image of boss summoning zone with spawn marks
Phase 1 start

In the areas marked with orange circles, Pang of Duriel's minions appear. They don't have much health, but they spit poison quite strongly. You need to quickly kill one of them, and in the area of the red circle, our enemy - Echo of Duriel, will appear.

In this phase, the boss will actively use Claw slash, poison pool, and occasionally do a Charge.

  • Don't stand still, constantly try to get behind the boss, so as not to fall under one of his attacks.
  • Avoid the poisonous pools, especially if you do not have capped poison resitance. But even if you do, still don't stand in them :)

Phase 2. 50% D4 Echo of Duriel

At 50% health, the boss will burrow underground and summon 2 Pang of Duriel. After about 15 seconds, he will appear, actively using the Poison pool ability.

You should focus on killing the minions, as they actively spit poison, leaving poisonous pools. You can simply drown in them if you don't kill them or the boss quickly enough. Having dealt with the maggots, finish off the boss. He will use the same abilities as in the first phase, which you already know.

duriel fight ending
Death of Duriel

That's basically it. It sounds not difficult, but if your character is not strong enough, it can be quite disappointing to lose the time and resources that you worked so hard to gather to summon Uber Duriel.

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Diablo 4 Uber Duriel Loot

From the boss, there are usually 4 Rare Ancestral gear drops, 4 Legendary Ancestral, and 1-2 guaranteed Unique items. All the rewards are 925 item level, making Duriel a source of the best items in the game. All the loot are very viable and may get your character super strong.

Duriel drop uber unique items that are always maximum roll ranges.

And as the cherry on top, there is a small chance to get cosmetic Smoldering brimstone mount (Brimstone) from the boss - a rare and very beautiful unique mount indeed.

smoldering horse image
Smoldering brimstone rare unique mount

Uber Unique Items for each class:

List of Unique Items for Each Class:

Chance of drop uber uniques from D4 Echo of Duriel

Uber uniques are the most desired items in the game, especially ones like Harlequin Crest or Ring of Starless Skies. Still, the chances of obtaining them were not great, although 1000 times higher than in the first season.

One of the Diablo 4 bloggers, Rob2628, and his team conducted calculations. They killed Echo of Duriel 540 times as a group of 4 people, which amounts to 2160 attempts to get uber unique. In total, they managed to get 43 uber uniques, which equals a 2% drop chance after defeating Diablo 4 Uber Duriel.

To get a specific desired item, on average, a player will need to make 250-300 attempts, depending on the class (as each class has its own loot table).

Tips on How to Effectively Farm Uber Uniques

  • Always farm Echo of Duriel in a group of 4! This is the most efficient way to farm on your own. One boss summon and 4 people will get loot.
  • Look for partners for Duriel rotation (where each one summons the boss in turn) in Discord communities like Sanctuary - Diablo 4, where there are special channels in which people with resources to summon the boss find each other.
  • Use our boosting services! Our players will kill the boss for you cheaply, professionally, and most importantly, reliably.

Best Builds for Killing Diablo 4 Echo of Duriel

Here is a list of the best D4 Uber Duriel killers:

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Conclusion. Duriel in diablo 4

Thank you for reading our uber duriel boss guide in Diablo IV. I hope you've found useful information and will be able to defeat uber duriel easily. Still, if not, we're always here to help you.

And last reminder! There are many ways of gearing: nightmare dungeons, sniping world endgame bosses together, or grinding the other endgame bosses. But nothing compares to duriel rewards. Not only because duriel drops 925 items, but you can get useful Uniques, that can be target farmed.

Focus on getting tortured offerings during Helltides, get so you can summon Grigoire the galvanic saint. Dont forget to actively complete Grim favors from Tree of Whispers, summon echo of Varshan, to get malignant body parts and defeat grotesque debtors for additional body parts and extra summons.

Dont ignore poison resistance on You gear, it will help you in fight.

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