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Diablo 4 Season 3: Season of the Construct

A brief overview of changes in the diablo 4 season of construct:

The third season arrived as expected on January 23, 2024, at 7:00 PM CET. The developers kept us in suspense until the last moment and didn't reveal the seasonal theme. And as it turned out, it's Сonstructs. Constructs are a new type of monster in Diablo 4, mechanized creatures from ancient Vaults.

Season of the construct trailer.

Season 3, Season of the Construct, welcomes us with a new seasonal campaign. We are set to explore the ancient Diablo 4 Vaults, avoiding traps to obtain rewards, upgrading the abilities of our Seneschal Companion, and, as always, crushing hordes of monsters.

Seasonal mechanics - Seneschal Companion

The main change this season is the addition of a new companion, who, with the help of Governing & Tuning Stones, gains new abilities to assist you in battles against monsters. You can obtain these magical stones by progressing through Vaults and participating in Arcane tremors.

You will receive your first magical stones during the seasonal campaign You can also craft random stones in a special interface. We are happy to help you obtain all the necessary Governing and Tuning Stones with our Seneschal stone farm or Seneschal stone leveling services

Construct Vaults & Nightmare Vaults

This is a new type of dungeon, essentially similar to Nightmare dungeons , but filled with numerous dangerous traps on your path, as well as hordes of Construct-type monsters.

Vaults differ in their layout, placement, and types of traps.

Before starting a Vault, by using Pearls of Warding at a special obelisk, you receive stacks of the Zoltun's Warding buff. Each time you trigger a trap, you lose a stack. After defeating the boss, a treasure room opens at the end of the dungeon, where you can unlock chests with rewards. The large chest costs 10 stacks, the small - 4. Therefore, try to navigate through the Diablo 4 Vaults carefully, and if you encounter difficulties, consider using our Diablo 4 Vaults boost service

Arcane Tremors - New Diablo 4 Season 3 Event

Arcane Tremor is a new seasonal event reminiscent of the Blood Harvest and Midwinter Blight from the second season but with some unique differences. On the world map, you will see markers indicating the locations of Arcane Vaults.

You will encounter an Obelisk (Hazard) emitting a red, circular voltaic field that continuously expands and shrinks. To avoid taking damage, it's crucial to interact with these obelisks when the voltaic field is contracting.

Upon interacting with an Obelisk, you will receive various loot, including gold, Shattered Stones, and Elemental Cores.

Elemental Cores can be obtained from the Obelisks (Hazards), constructs, and other external sources in the game world.

Collecting sufficient Elemental Cores allows you to deposit them in a brazier near the Hazard. This brazier then activates a signal that summons the heralds of Malphas, consisting of elite constructs and demons, who are his most formidable lieutenants. In addition to fighting these constructs, you must skillfully dodge the continuous area-of-effect (AOE) and mortar attacks emanating from the brazier.

Players will receive a range of loot or rewards for defeating the Heralds of Malphas, which includes Pearls of Warding, among other items. If you wish, our professional players can help you farm Pearls of Warding, allowing you to skip the grind.

Echo of Malphas

Diablo Echo of Malphas, Keeper of the Vaults - has been added with a D4 Season of the constuct. He's the only source of the unique tuning stones. To Summon Malhas you need to complete vault and solve puzzle in it. If you want to get help with Echo of Malphas or learn more how to summon him, and receive some hints - visit our Echo of Malphas Kill service

The Gauntlet

Later in the season, the developers will also add a competitive aspect to the game in the form of The Gauntlet. This will be a dungeon designed for level 100, where monsters will always be in the same place, having the same type and equal strength, to level the playing field for all players. The goal is to complete it quickly and secure a spot on the Leaderboard. The Gauntlet will be updated every week.

The Battle pass and Season journey

Battle pass and Season journey have also been updated. Fortunately, you can still complete the battle pass and receive all gameplay-affecting rewards for free. If you buy premium, you'll get unique seasonal cosmetic rewards that will no longer be available after the 3-month season. An important change is that we'll get Smoldering ashes, needed for activating seasonal bonuses, much earlier. The first one is at level 28. In total, we'll get 9 Smoldering ashes as rewards at levels 28, 44, 49, 53, 56, 58, 63, 66, and 70.

Season Journey has also seen changes. New urns with different bonuses have been added (urns with experience and elixir duration remain).

Here are the new Urns in Season of the Construct:

  • Urn of enduring grace - boosts the duration of Shrine effects
  • Urn of Tuning - gives a chance to receive additional Tuning stone from wardwoven chests
  • Urn of Whispes - Boosts the chance to receive a greater collection from whisper rewards

Mini guide for season preparation:

  • Complete the main campaign on any character.
  • Level up your Renown level to the maximum.
  • Unlock all Waypoints on the map.
  • Unlock Altars of Lilith.
  • Uncover all map regions
  • Order our Echo of Lilith boost while we can still do it quickly and cheaply!

Useful links to better understand Season of the Construct:

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Previous Seasons

Diablo 4 Season 2: Season of Blood

Short overview of season of blood changes

The second season of Diablo 4, Season of Blood, starting on October 17th at 19:00 CEST, is set in a Vampire theme. According to the lore, hordes of vampires led by the main antagonist Lord Zir have invaded the Sanctuary and are draining the life out of everything they can reach. Erys, a vampire hunter, will be our guide through the darkness.

Meanwhile, we get bitten and it's only the blood of Lilith in our veins that keeps us sane. New abilities help us combat the vampire plague.
This is a small teaser of the seasonal campaign provided by Blizzard in their trailer and blogs.

Season trailer

What's main Different From Previous Seasons?

The Season 2 is a chance to fix the issues that the developers made during the Season of Malignant. They've revisited their approach and started listening to what we—the players—want to see in the game and what we find "fun." Importantly, they're now effectively addressing and understanding the main concerns of the players, which is very encouraging. The first step is acknowledging the problem.

Firstly, Faster Leveling. They're speeding up the leveling to 100, and according to the developers, the leveling will be about 40% faster than before. This will allow more players to engage in END game, as, according to statistics, most players haven't even reached level 80. If you want your character get high level asap and in most efficient way - order our Diablo 4 Power leveling

Secondly, Many quality of life changes have been added, which will make the game much more enjoyable and make our time spent more valuable.

Here are some key QoL changes:

  • Search and filters in the chest
  • Gems no longer take up inventory space. Now we get gem shards that can be crafted into the gem we need at any time.
  • Mounts are now "smarter" and faster, reduced cooldown on speed-up, and can now break through the barricades that annoyed us in the first season.
  • Auto-salvage of irrelevant items. Oh, how I've been waiting for this! Now we'll need to go back to the town less often and there's no need to look through every item, as there won't be any "junk" right away.

Only thanks to this short list, playing will be much more comfortable, and there are still many others qol changes

Thirdly, Focus on End Game. They've entirely revisited their approach to the End game. Now there's a reason and goals for killing World bosses farm, farming Helltides chests, clearing Legion Events and Tree of Whispers tasks, from which, by the way, significantly more Diablo 4 gold will now drop as rewards.

diablo 4 new open world activities

You might be wondering why this is important. The game will introduce new (and not so new) Uber bosses, totaling 5. These bosses will be available on both seasonal and eternal servers. To summon them, you'll need resources from the events I mentioned earlier. For summoning the main pinnacle boss Duriel, you'll need Mucus-Slick Eggs (from Varshan) and Shards of Agony (from Grigoire).

New Uber Bosses

It's worth noting that we've been promised a real chance to get Uber uniques which we only saw in pictures during the first season from Duriel, Moreover, now there's a reason to farm specific bosses, as each has its own loot table. You can order the unique items you need from them with our service: Unique items farm.

Based on my experience in other games, such changes significantly alter our priorities. If before we had to endlessly farm nightmare dungeons for efficient leveling, now we can and should participate in the open world. They've also increased the experience and improved the rewards for it.

The only concern, in my opinion, will be the lack of experience for Glyphs. Before, when leveling up to 100, we managed to level up 6 glyphs to level 21. Now it's unlikely, as the glyph experience has only increased by 19%, while the leveling speed has increased by 40%. But you can always order Glyphs leveling from us, and our professional players will easily level up your glyphs.

However, this might not be necessary, and it may make sense to farm nightmare dungeons only after reaching level 100.
Here's why: With the Season of Blood, changes were also made to the maximum item level now available to us - 925 and how to obtain it more efficiently. Now, the range of items you get from killing mobs narrows depending on the level of the monsters you kill. In simpler terms, by killing level 150 monsters that inhabit Nightmare dungeons tier 100, you have the highest chance of getting top-level items ranging from 880-925. Anything lower, you simply won't see! And of course, while farming top gear, you will also level up your Glyphs.

Vampiric Powers

The highlight of the Season of Blood will be Vampiric powers - powerful seasonal abilities that significantly change our gameplay. To obtain these abilities, we will need to complete the Seasonal questline and also level up our reputation with Hunter's acclaim reputation, which is closely related to completing tasks during the Blood harvest event, at least according to the official blog.

An alternative method is to simply farm a lot of Potent blood. However, the abilities unlock randomly, and you may need many attempts before you get the desired one. By the way, we can obtain a specific one for you if you order our Vampiric power boost.

There are 22 Vampiric powers in total. Seven are Major and fifteen are Minor.

Major Powers

Minor Powers

All these powers are universal and suitable for any class. To activate them, you need to use the special interface called Sanguine Circle.

diablo 4 new open world activities

You can activate up to 5 Vampiric powers, but to enable them, you need to have enough vampiric pacts of the correct type. Blood pacts are a kind of augments that allow you to activate vampiric powers. There are 3 types of pacts: Ferocity, Divinity, Eternity.

Equipment and Pacts

Each piece of equipment can have up to 5 pacts. On world tier 1 and 2, you can have a maximum of 3 pacts on items, on world tier 3 - 4 pacts, and on tier 4 - a maximum of 5 pacts. To activate a minor power, you need from 1 to 3 pacts, and for Major - as many as 6. Pacts can be crafted by the occultist, obtained from chests during Blood Harvest events, and simply received from random vampires.

Here is a short video from the developers that explains this topic:

Developer Video

How to farm Potent blood?

It's simple. Grind vampires during Blood harvest events. These events are available from level 1 and are always active, unlike Helltides. If you get tired of farming yourself, you can order help from our professional team. Since the game's launch, we've completed over 2300 Diablo 4 orders, so our pros know how to maximize benefits and be highly efficient.

Change log