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Diablo 4 Guide how to level up fast 1-100 in Season 4

In this guide, you'll find comprehensive information on how to level up from 1 to 100 in Diablo 4 Season of Loot Reborn.

This article offers two versions of the Diablo 4 leveling-up strategy in Season 4, the Season of Loot Reborn: the fastest leveling (for tryhards) and the best, most efficient XP boost method with a fun leveling process and better rewards. There are many ways to quickly level up a new character in Diablo 4. However, you will still need to grind for experience, and nothing can be compared to the XP boost from Power Leveling.

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Before we start our Guide for Diablo 4 Season 4 Leveling, let me explain briefly. There is no faster way to level up a character than to use the help of other players - power leveling. So let me explain what it is:

Power Leveling in Diablo 4.

What is Power Leveling in Diablo 4? It's when a high-level main character invites a new alt character to their group and takes them through content they needed help to handle in the early game.

How does the Diablo 4 power leveling process work?

The high-level character invites you to a group at World tier 2 and runs to the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon; you teleport to the player through a portal in any capital city, enter the dungeon, and wait at the entrance while the player quickly clears the dungeon. Meanwhile, you gain experience and unlock World Tier 3.

Then, in Kyovashad, you switch to the next difficulty, World Tier 3 (Nightmare), and repeat the process, only this time in The Fallen Temple capstone dungeon, unlocking World Tier 4 (Torment) and receiving some sacred gear. With the transition to WT4, all activities and monsters have significantly more bonus XP. Thus, with Power Leveling, you can reach level 100 significantly faster by leveling up in high Nightmare dungeons in a group with a stronger player.

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Solo Leveling process

If you've decided to level up without assistance or in a group, I suggest you explore the following viable strategy:

If its your first character in Diablo 4

In these guides, we will focus on something other than campaign missions or achieving Renown objectives.

If this is your first character, concentrate on these two tasks before following one of the guides. Do side quests, open world and all normal dungeons by completing strongholds. Altars of lilith will add you some permanent stats and paragon points. Unlock all waypoints and focus on main storyline. Xp gains is important, but for a new character its highest priority to unlock all content by finishing main story.

Choose Your Class and Build

Starting a new season in Diablo 4 is like opening a new chapter in an exciting story. What should your first step be? Select your class and build. To be effective in Season 4, choosing the right build is crucial.

To help you identify the best current builds, we've created a Leveling Builds Tier List for Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn. This guide will make it easier for you to choose the optimal build for your journey.

Also we've got some great leveling builds S-tier for you:

  • Barrage Rogue
  • Minion Necromancer
  • DS Dust Devil Barbarian
  • Firewall Sorcerer
  • Chain Lightning Sorcerer
  • Diablo 4 Fastest Leveling guide for Tryhards

    Let's get straight to the point without wasting time. 

    A quick tip: always kill world bosses when you see them, always keep you eye on a map for a world events.

    • Go to one of the websites, for example, Leveling Builds Tier List or Wowhead.com, and choose the best build for leveling.
    • Make a seasonal character on World tier 1 and skip the campaign. If you're experienced, start at World Tier 2 for more bonus XP.
    • Collect all your Renown rewards and use your Skill points.
    • Start the Seasonal Quest: Begin your adventure by initiating the Seasonal Quest. Explore Diablo 4's immersive world and keep going until it tells you to get Iron Wolf Honor from Helltides.
    • Find Bundled Herbs: Explore Kyovashad and discover Bundled Herbs in the Raising Spirits quest. These herbs hold immense power, waiting to be unleashed.
    • image of Raising Spirits questline location
      Raising Spirits questline location in Diablo 4
    • Craft Precision Elixir: Forge greatness with the Precision Elixir, enhancing your abilities for battles ahead.
    • Starts Helltides, use breaks to optimize gear, complete Class Quests, and find Aspects in dungeons.
    • Run Helltides until Level 35.
    • Face the ultimate challenge in the Capstone Dungeon, where your skills will be put to the test.
    • image of The Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon location
      Diablo 4 The Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon location
    • Grind Helltides: Keep running Helltides until you reach Level 55.
    • Gear Optimization: During the 5-minute breaks, salvage and optimize your gear.
    • Aspect Acquisition: Clear dungeons to obtain important Aspects needed for your build.
    • Prior to tackling the Capstone Dungeon: Temper your gear for better stats. Upgrade your weapon for increased power. Stack Fire Resistance to handle tougher challenges.
    • best dungeons xp by raxx
      Diablo 4 Season 4 The Nightmare dungeons for Xp or glyphs xp tier list by Raxxanterax. Source
    • It's time to refer to a Tier list again, for example, at Mobalitics.gg or Icy-veins.com, and choose an End-game build.
    • World Tier 4 (Lv. 55+): At level 60, your endless grind of Nightmare dungeons begins. Use the Tier list to choose the most efficient experience nightmare dungeons and Salvage the weak ones. Your level progression will skyrocket from this point.
    • Keep grinding Helltides to farm some forgotten souls. Until you reach Level 70. During the 5-minute breaks, salvage and upgrade your gear, and do Whispers in the PvP Area.
    • Begin tackling Nightmare Dungeons to boost your Glyphs. Always target a +10 Monster Level for the best experience gains.
    • Once you switch to the hardest difficulty, the monsters will be at least level 75 and give the most XP.
    • When you reach Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeons, you can start doing The Pit. This is especially suggested for Solo players, as split farming Nightmare Dungeons in groups will be more efficient.
    • Around levels 80-85, you should feel comfortable and utilize your accumulated resources to summon Echo of Varshan, Lord Zir, and Beast in the Ice, trying your luck for Unique items .
    • Grind Nightmare dungeons up to level 100, simultaneously leveling up all necessary Glyphs.
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    Efficient Leveling Strategy in Diablo 4

    This leveling method will take noticeably more time, but you'll encounter fewer difficulties with monster levels or lack of gear. Plus, you'll make significant progress in the seasonal theme and Season Journey and gather more resources for summoning Diablo 4 Echo of Duriel and other Uber bosses. GUIDE20
    Overall, the leveling process will be more fun and varied.

    A quick tip: always check the world map for Tree of Whispers dungeon tasks, take some side quests in the area with grim favors, and you will get a bit of renown progress simply by killing monsters.

    1-50 leveling experience in Diablo 4

    • Start the same way as in Diablo 4 Fast leveling strategy: choose a build for better leveling, skip the main campaign, and start the seasonal quest line.
    • The leveling process in the overworld has significantly sped up compared to previous seasons. Focus on activities (Legion events starting every 25 minutes, Arcane Tremores events, world bosses) and participate in them whenever you have a "free window."
    • Overworld events icons. World boss & Legion
      Diablo 4 World bosses and legion events icons
    • Complete the class quest at level 15 (or 25 for necromancers).
    • Continue farming world events, focusing more on Vaults and Tree of Whispers tasks. It's recommended to prioritize doing 3 Grim Favors tasks in the Arcane Tremores zone, shifting to Legion events and World Bosses.
    • Complete the seasonal quest chain. Unlock more nightmare dungeons by completing strongholds.
    • Reach levels 45-50, then complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon to unlock World Tier 3 (Nightmare).

    Diablo 4 leveling 50-100 with Seasonal characters.

    • Go to one of the websites to pick an End-game champion's build and follow the guide. Reset your skill points, build your paragon board, and be ready for some action.
      diablo 4 paragon board image
      Paragon board in Diablo 4
    • Continue farming XP in overworld events and nightmare vaults, now prioritizing World Bosses and Helltides.

    Why is it good to farm helltides and not nightmare dungeons?

    Helltide has high enemy density, and mobs are always 3 levels higher than you. But most importantly, starting from world tiers 3 and 4, during Helltide, you can open Infernal steel chests for 300 cinders.

    By opening those chest, you will get Living steel - highly demanded material for summoning high-end boss Grigoire and, later on, Diablo 4 Echo of Duriel.
    Also, Helltide is the only place where you can farm fiend roses and forgotten souls, which is needed for re-roll stats on your gear at a blacksmith.

    To farm Helltides most efficiently - simply walk around and kill demons. Ignore packs that don't have demons because they give fewer or no cinders. Also don't miss out Fiend Roses and Chests, they hide 5-10 cinders

    diablo 4 helltide farm image
    Chests, Fiend roses, Living steel chests during Helltide event in Diablo 4
    • At levels 65-70, it's time to unlock World Tier 4 for the biggest XP bonus. With your gear and significantly upgraded Seneschal stones, this should be easy.
    • Now focus on Helltides, and between Helltides and complete Grim Favors, then grind Nightmare dungeons or Nightmare Vaults when nothing is up.
    • Upon reaching level 100, you'll have all the necessary glyphs at level 15+, as well as a good supply of Living Steel and Malignant Body Parts for summoning Echo of Varshan, Grigoire the Galvanic Saint, from which you'll likely need unique items for your build.
      diablo 4 boss summoning materials
      Diablo 4 Uber bosses summon materilals: Shard of Agony, Mucus-slick egg, Trembling hand, Gurgling head, Malignant heart, Blackened femur, Living steel, Distilled fear, Exquisit blood

    With this straightforward approach, you'll reach the maximum level. You will have assembled a strong end-game build by then, quickly progressing through further content. Plus, you'll have many resources for summoning Diablo 4 Uber Duriel, from which you can obtain desired Uber unique items.

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    Solo Leveling vs Group Leveling in Diablo 4

    Our Diablo 4 leveling guide is primarily intended for solo players. However, playing multiplayer is very effective, especially if all players are fully committed. For group play, it is recommended to do split-farming in Nightmare Dungeons, as this allows the group to cover more ground and level up from 1 to 100 about 30-40% faster.

    Useful Links

    Diablo 4 Power leveling video guides

    Tips & Tricks for Diablo 4 Leveling

    • Save time sorting items.
    • Skip side quests
    • Always check the world map for Tree of Whispers dungeon tasks.
    • Use Precision Elixir for additional experience.
    • Sell everything you don't need.
    • Remember to drink elixirs. They give an additional 5% experience.
    • Use Smoldering Ashes, which you get from Battle Pass levels, primarily for leveling upgrades and secondly for getting an extra XP boost in Hunter's Acclaim.
    • Combine completing Grim Favors tasks, Blood events, etc., with Season Journey.
    • For hardcore players: Don't forget to craft Elixir of Death evasion as soon as it's available.

    Final Thoughts

    Leveling in Diablo 4 can be both fun and quite boring if you farm normal dungeons or only nightmare dungeons. But If you're not aiming to be at the top of the leaderboard, it's better to use a more resource-efficient strategy and stick to world events such as legion events or Helltide. Just enjoy the process; after all, it's just a game 🙂

    Quick reminder: The fastest and most reliable way to level up a new character is to buy our Diablo 4 power leveling service; we know how to make your character strong and ready for high-end challenges quickly and efficiently.


    The maximum character level is 100.

    You can achieve 225 total paragon points. 4 points for each level(starting from level 50) + 5 from altars of Lilith + 20 from renown level in all zones

    Depending on your leveling strategy, it can take from 10h up to 50h. On average, it takes around 20h

    Of course, it's MMonster.co. With us, your leveling experience will be as smooth as silk.

    Yes, enemies become more robust with each level.

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