Ny'alotha, The Waking City Heroic Boost Run

Ny'alotha, The Waking City Heroic Boost Run


  • 115+ item level (125 item level from two last bosses) loot for your character's chosen class and spec including socketed items. Check Loot Info tab for more information

  • Several Encrypted Ny'alothian Text items which can be used to create Rank 1, Rank 2 and Rank 3 of The Formless Void Azerite Essence
  • Raid with Personal Loot (PL) option means that quantity of items you will get fully depends on your luck, which we wish you most of all :) To increase the quantity of loot and to get minimum quantity of items guaranteed you should consider our X Loot system. Check Loot Info tab for more information

  • Tons of Azerite to boost your Heart of Azeroth level

  • Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Legendary Cloak unlocked and equipped on your character otherwise you will be mind controlled on N'Zoth the Corruptor and won't be able to hit the boss resulting in not getting loot or the boss kill counted. Buy Black Empire Campaign Boost and we will gladly unlock Legendary Cloak for you.
  • Login and password in case of account sharing option, your account safety guaranteed.
Deep within the sleeping city called Ny'alotha an ancient evil awakened with his armies flooding from their dark halls. An enemy of all living N'zoth the Corruptor took his rightful throne in the center of Black Empire to immerse the whole Azeroth into madness and only the mightiest champions can resist the corruption within his own realm. Ny'alotha, the Waking City is the fifth and last Battle for Azeroth raid where you will face 12 bosses along with the great corruptor N'zoth, Old God of the Deep to end his ultimate schemes and free Azeroth from his endless dark whispers once and for all. Ny'alotha raid is released on January 21 in US region and on January 22 in EU region, in 1 week after new BFA patch 8.3 Visions of N'zoth hits on live servers on January 14 / 15 respectively. The raid consists of 4 wings, has mostly non-linear structure, but you will have to kill several bosses on different steps to move further, and has the N'Zoth's followers themed weapons and armor as loot rewards for killing bosses.

Ny'alotha, the Waking City raid on Heroic difficulty has a weekly lockout and drops 115 item level loot (125 item level from two last bosses) which can be Corrupted by N'Zoth and have a socket on them. Corruption is a new replacement system for warforging / titanforging: every corrupted item have one of few random additional positive effects or stats which have 3 tier levels, but also has some amount of new Corruption stat within them. The higher the Tier of positive affix on corrupted item, the more powerful this effect becomes and more corruption stat the item will have. As total amount of Corruption increases and reaches specific threshold, player will start gaining some negative effects. This creates a system which allows the highest item level gear to be from the hardest end-game content, but you can always get an upgrade by continuing farming gear in a raid or collect several gear equipment for different goals. Join this epic adventure alongside with our best boosting guilds, be the one of the first to get Ny'alotha, the Waking City Heroic Boost Run and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had!

You can buy Ny'alotha, the Waking City Heroic boost run with account sharing or selfplay. Our professional and trusted Mmonster players will kindly boost your character with this World of Warcraft (WOW) Ny'alotha, the Waking City (NTWC) Heroic boosting service really fast so lean back and watch your character collects all those tasty rewards and achievements and tremendously grows in power!
Personal Loot
Raid with Personal Loot option means that quantity of items you will get fully depends on your luck, which we wish you most of all :) You will get all 115+ ilvl loot for your character's chosen class and spec including Azerite Armor, weapons and corrupted and socketed items which may drop for you personally during the run.
Additional Loot (X Loot)
You have the opportunity to buy additional X loot in our raids to increase the quantity of needed loot you will get from the raid and to have a minimum quantity of items guaranteed (just like it was in Master Loot raids).
Loot Distribution
In case you choose additional loot option (X Loot) selected amount of players of the same armor type will be assigned to you (you will know beforehand at which group number are your assigned players) and trade you all 115+ ilvl loot for your character's chosen class and spec. Bonus roll itemsitems which drops for you personally and items, which are not an upgrade for your character, count towards minimum guarantee, however double items (2 items in a same item slot) don't. In case of a bad luck of not getting minimum guarantee we will make another loot run for your character to get remaining items next week absolutely free.
Number of items guaranteed depends on a loot option you choose, check out our loot table:

Loot option Number of players with the same armor type assigned to you in a raid, who will trade you all the loot they get Number of characters with the same class and spec as your character Minimum number of items guaranteed in different slots
PL - - -
X1 1 - 3
X2 2 - 4
X3 3 1 5
X4 4 1 6
X5 5 2 7
X6 6 2 8
X7 7 3 9
X8 8 3 10
Things you should know and get ready to
There's one limitation with common Battle for Azeroth loot system in which only items with lower item level than the ones player already has in the same item slot can be traded. Despite this, we guarantee that all of your assigned players will have higher item level than the basic item level of items dropped in this raid (115) and will be able to trade you 99.9% of items they get. Please note that BOE items can not be traded. Minimum loot guarantee applies to 12/12 Ny'alotha Heroic boost runs only, we can not guarantee this amount for lesser bosses runs.

What is Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid and how to buy heroic boost in EU region

Ny’alotha, the Waking City is the forth and last raid of World of Warcraft BFA expansion available in 4 difficulty modes: LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic and have 12 dangerous bosses with final boss N’Zoth the Corruptor. Buy new heroic Ny’alotha raid boost released in patch 8.3 Visions of N’Zoth from the safest and most reliable boosting services on both EU and US regions, join the most epic raid in the whole WoW: Battle for Azeroth expansion and clear all 12/12 Heroic difficulty bosses in no time! Account Sharing option is your best bet if you just want to save your time, especially for Heroic raids during first weeks after raid's release and selfplay option is always available for you also if you want to participate in Ny'alotha raid and get the most epic gaming experience yourself. MmonsteR boosting store is also ready to provide you with cheap Ny’alotha Heroic boost for sale through our Events Calendar, where you can pick a date and time of your heroic Ny’alotha, The Waking City raid carry any time! Just save yourself lots of time and skip unwanted boring wipes by using our NTWC boosting service with our professional and skilled players.

All Ny’alotha Heroic loot run rewards and why you need the boost

Even if you are an experienced player with the best Mythic gear from previous raid, Ny'alotha, the Waking city heroic raid will still be a tough challenge for you. However, the rewards you will get for completing it are really high: you will receive best 115+ / 125 item level raiding gear with top stats, which can also get corrupted or socketed powering up your character even more, Ahead of the Curve Feats of Strength achievement by killing N'Zoth Heroic last boss (available only during patch 8.3 Visions of N’Zoth), unique Uncorrupted Voidwing mount, new essences, battle pets and much more. Ny’alotha heroic raid gear will benefit your character up until the new expansion release and even at the beginning of leveling in Shadowlands. There are no special requirements to buy Ny'alotha Heroic boost other than 50 level of your character (you can order Power Leveling Boost on our store). However please keep note of 440+ minimum item level gear restrictions for account sharing option during the first weeks of Ny'alotha raid. The Waking City awaits!

How to get more loot in our NTWC heroic boost run using extra loot trade

If you want to be sure that you’re taking out the maximum amount of loot from Ny'alotha Heroic raid or want to gear your alts most quickly and efficiently, you should purchase X Loot option and get the real lootfall for your character with the help of additional players who will trade you all loot they get and eligible to trade! You will get a full-fledged Ny'alotha heroic lootrun with all the extra loot you can carry from our loot traders. We have lots of them prepared for you to meet any expectations and provide you with your loot satisfaction, just upgrade your Nyalotha boost run with Extra Loot option and you're ready to go. Please keep in mind that loot traders are not available during the opening raid weeks. Also, small hint: stock and prepare your bonus loot seals to get even more loot during your NTWC boost run! And if you are already geared your character in 115+ gear, consider our Ny'alotha, the Waking City Mythic Boost Run to keep upgrading your character even further or get Ny’alotha Allseer Mount from N'Zoth Mythic boss kill.

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