Tormented Echoes in Diablo 4
4 June 2024 | Diablo 4

Diablo 4: How to Summon and Defeat Tormented Bosses in Season of Loot Reborn?

In Season 4, players have the opportunity to face Tormented Echoes, terrifying new enemies that are empowered versions of every Ladder Boss from Diablo 4, including the recently added Echo of Andariel. These Torment Bosses present a formidable challenge, as they have significantly increased health and deal much more damage than their regular versions.

Summoning Tormented Echoes is only possible on World Tier 4: Torment and requires more materials, including a new resource called Stygian Stones. In addition to enhanced health and damage, the bosses also offer valuable rewards.

As for the boss mechanics, they are not much different from regular versions of bosses. The main challenges come from their increased health and damage, which will force you to review your strategies and be much more active in combat.

In this comprehesive guide, we will describe the resources needed to summon the Tormented Bosses, where to find them, and how to summon and fight with these new enemies in Season 4: Season of Loot Reborn.

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Tormented Bosses - Summoning Resources

To summon the Tormented Bosses, players first need to collect the resources. The primary material required for summoning is Stygian Stones, which can be obtained by completing The Pit or as random loot from World Bosses. We recommend farming the stones by completing The Pit, as the drop rate from World Bosses is extremely low. Additionally, you have to collect x3 the resources required to summon the regular version of the boss you wish to defeat. Below, you can find a table with the needed resources.

Boss Materials
Varshan x2 - Stygian Stones, x3 - Gurgling Heads, x3 - Blackened Femurs, x3 - Trembling Hands, and x3 - Malignant Hearts
Grigoire x2 - Stygian Stones and x15 - Living Steel
Lord Zir x2 - Stygian Stones and x27 - Exquisite Blood
Beast In the Ice x2 - Stygian Stones, x27 - Distilled Fear , and x250 - Sigil Powder
Duriel x2 - Stygian Stones, x6 - Mucus-Slick Eggs, and x6 - Shards of Agony
Andariel x2 - Stygian Stones, x6 - Pincushioned Dolls, and x6 - Sandscorched Shackles

How to Summon Tormented Echoes

You can summon the empowered bosses in the same locations where you summon the regular versions. After collecting the required resources, head to the altar of the boss you want to defeat.

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Tormented Bosses Strategies

Torment Varshan

Torment Varshan has powerful frontal attacks and AoE abilities. To defeat Varshan, stay behind the boss to deal damage safely. Since Varshan deals significant Shadow Damage, make sure you have a high resistance cap or use a Potent Elixir of Shadow Resistance. Be prepared for additional challenges during the fight, as Varshan can summon several elite mobs to aid him.

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Torment Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint

Prepare well for the battle with Grigoire. Drink a Potent Elixir of Lightning Resistance if your lightning resistance cap is not high enough. At the start of the fight, be ready to dodge Grigoire's frontal and AoE attacks. Move behind him while dodging, as this position will make it easier to deal damage and avoid his attacks. During the fight, Grigoire may also summon several mobs to assist him.

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Torment Beast in Ice

Before the fight, ensure your cold resistance cap is high. If you have issues with this, use a Potent Elixir of Cold Resistance . During the battle, as with Grigoire and Varshan, try to stay behind the boss to avoid its frontal attacks. At 70% and 30% health, the Torment Beast in Ice will get up in the air and create icy zones that you must dodge. This phase is also complicated by the boss summoning several waves of enemies

Beast in the Ice
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Torment Lord Zir

The boss deals heavy Shadow Damage, so before the fight, ensure your shadow resistance cap is high. If it is not enough, use a Potent Elixir of Shadow Resistance. During the battle, stay behind the boss to avoid its frontal attacks. Lord Zir signals a frontal attack by raising both hands, which indicates you should dodge. Additionally, do not stand in the blood puddles on the floor and avoid any of his ranged attacks. Keep in mind that the boss has a significant number of ranged attacks, making the fight particularly challenging for melee characters.

Lord Zir
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Torment Duriel

For this fight, you'll need a high Poison Resistance cap. Use a Potent Elixir of Poison Resistance if your resistance is not high enough. Avoid the boss's frontal attacks, holes in the ground, and falling boulders. Duriel is a very active boss, so you will need to stay focused and react quickly to his attacks to avoid them. Prepare entirely for this encounter, even at level 100, defeating Duriel is challenging, and Torment Duriel is much stronger. Also, you can learn more about how to defeat Duriel in our guide - Diablo 4 Echo of Duriel In-depth guide..

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Torment Andariel

For the battle with Andariel, you will need high Elemental Resistance caps, as the boss has attacks that deal with Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Shadow Damage. Andariel's arsenal includes many attacks that will force you to move around the arena frequently. At the beginning of the fight, you'll have an opportunity to deal damage, as the boss doesn't use many high-damage attacks in this phase. Also, always dodge circles that will appear on the arena and laser beam. Overall, the fight will be challenging, as Andariel has a wide range of melee and ranged attacks. For a detailed overview of all of Andariel's abilities and how to fight with this boss, look at our guide - Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel Guide.

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Tormented Bosses Rewards

After defeating the first Tormented Echo, players will receive a Resplendent Spark, which is required for crafting Uber Unique items. As for the drop of unique and Uber Unique items, all bosses have the same loot table as their regular versions. Additionally, in Season 4, the drop rates for Uber Uniques have been increased for Andariel and Duriel, making them the most valuable bosses to defeat.

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Tormented Bosses are a formidable challenge that only the most skilled players can conquer. We hope that our guide helps you defeat these enemies and acquire the desired rewards. If you don't want to spend time grinding, we've got you covered. You can always use our Diablo 4 boost services, and we'll help you defeat any boss!

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