Diablo 4 Malphas Kill boost

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  • Seasonal Campaign completed
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  • Campaign Malphas: We will kill you last boss of the Season of Construct Campaing
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Echo of Malphas, Keeper of the Vaults - How to Summon. Mini Guide

A new, unique level 100 uber boss, Echo of Malphas, has also been introduced.

On release this was a level 85 boss, which required 10 Pearls of Warding to summon boss. Its been changed with a patch Patch 1.3.0a

To summon this boss, you need to complete specific actions:

  1. To summon D4 Echo of Malphas, you must first complete the seasonal campaign.
  2. Then, go to the Vault of the Loom in the gate hall.  Vault of the Loom
  3. At the obelisk, exchange Pearls of Warding for stacks of Zoltun’s Warding. You need 22 stacks of Warding, but I recommend having 30+ to ensure maximum rewards.
  4. Next, you must pay a fee at the altar - x7 Igneous Cores
  5. Proceed through the dungeon, avoiding traps to not lose buff stacks. At the end of each wing, there will be 2 small chests.
  6. You must return 4 keystones to open the main gate and pave the way to the boss.
  7. The boss stays in one place but uses a variety of skills. Getting hit by them will cause you to lose Zoltun’s Warding stacks. boss fight
  8. After the battle with the boss, 2 Wardwoven Chests will appear. A large one (requires 10 stacks to open) and a regular one (requires 4). rewards

Echo of Malphas drops

Echo of Malphas have chance to drop unique Tuning stones Evernight and Genesis. With a patch 1.3.0a drop chances has been increased, from Malphas its now 0.5% and from chests after the boss - 3%. Also chances on Legendaries has been increased, as well as on 925 items.

Video Guide from Sliver of time