CoD VANGUARD Operator Leveling

Service Includes

  • Selected VANGUARD Operator leveled to desired Level
  • Several Battle Pass lvls will be unlocked and the Rank will be increased by several lvls during the boost 


  • Call of Duty: VANGUARD  Account. 

  • Login and password. Account safety guaranteed.


Call of Duty: VANGUARD Operators and why you need the Operator Leveling Boost

Call of Duty VANGUARD operators offer a wide range of characters for multiplayer. Each character is unique and a part of the Vanguard story. As you progress through the campaign, you will discover their origin stories. However, if you are interested in playing with one or more of these characters on multiplayer sessions, here are some steps you should consider. Twelve operators are available at launch. However, not all of them are playable from the start. We will explain how operators can be unlocked and how operators favourite weapons that have an impact on multiplayer matches works.

What is the role of operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard, How to unlock all Call of Duty operators and their Favorite Weapons

Call of Duty: Vanguard has 12 operators. Although they each have their own backstories and look different, the impact on gameplay is minimal. There are XP boosters for some, but also cosmetics like skins, finishing moves and play of intros. Each Operator also have a favourite weapon which gives you an XP boost when you use it. If you are looking to speed up your weapon's power, unlocking the Operator is a great idea.

You must execute kills in a certain way to unlock Call of Duty: Vanguard operators. Let´s take a closer look at Call of Duty: Vanguard's Operator List and show you how to unlock them all.

Multipayer Unlock
Task Force
Favourite weapon
Daniel Get 200 Marksman Rifle kills Hellhounds "M1 Garand" Marksman Rifle 
Wade Get 100 headshots (any weapon) Hellhounds "Type 100" SMG
Halima Get 50 Prone kills (any weapon) Hellhounds "MP-40" SMG
Polina Get 200 Sniper skills Shadow "3-Line rifle" Sniper
Solange Get 10 Double kills (any weapon) Shadow "NZ-41" Assault Rifle
Shigenori Perform 25 Finishing Moves Shadow "Type 11" LMG
Roland Get 300 AR (assault rifle) kills Barbarian "STG44" Assault Rifle
Lucas Get 100 Hipfire kills (any weapon) Barbarian "Owen Gun" SMG
Beatrice Get 5 kills without dying a total of 10 times (any weapon) Barbarian "AS44" Assault Rifle
Arthur Get 10 kills with Killstreaks
Sentinel "Sten" SMG
Constanze Get 300 LMG (light machine gun) kills (any weapon) Sentinel "MG42" LMG
Padmavati Get 200 shotgun kills
Sentinel "Combat Shotgun"

Operator XP is the most notable, but there are interesting incentives to use specific weapons for each operator. Each operator has a preferred weapon, which is fittingly called favourite weapon.

You'll get double XP and a boost in Weapon XP if you use the operator's favorite weapon. This is a minor bonus, but it can prove to be very useful in the initial days of meta. You might also find yourself searching for your preferred loadouts.

The Operators Leveling takes a lot of time and can therefore be really annoying. If you're keen on the new Operators but don't have the time or just don't want to spend hours on the farm, let us know, the professional players from MmonsteR will be happy to take it over.


CoD VANGUARD Operator Leveling