The Great Vault Boost

Here you can buy The Great Vault Boost Carry to get unlock up to 9 items in the Great Vault as your weekly reward for completing different weekly activities

Service Includes

  • Selected amount of different weekly activities (raids, dungeons, pvp) completed adding up to 9 items of desired item level to the Great Vault as potential rewards to choose from on the next weekly reset. You can choose only one item from all unlocked items of all three categories

  • You will get one item of up to 522 item level guaranteed as a single reward selected from up to 9 unlocked items in the Great Vault. Item level of items unlocked depends on raid difficulty, dungeon difficulty (keystone level) and PvP bracket

  • Depending on your selected weekly activities, specific amount of bosses killed in Current Raid, Mythic+ Dungeons completed and Honor Points from Battleground Blitz earned during the week:

    Raids Dungeons PvP
    2 Raid bosses killed 1 Dungeon completed 1250 Honor Points earned
    4 Raid bosses killed 4 Dungeons completed 2500 Honor Points earned
    7 Raid bosses killed 8 Dungeons completed 5000 Honor Points earned
  • Various achievements obtained for completing different endgame activities

🕜 ETA Completion Time: varies depending on selected boost options.


  • 70 Lvl Character. Don't have one yet? Take advantage of our WoW Power Leveling Boost service.
  • Login and password in case of account sharing, your account's safety guaranteed.

Boost Options Explained

  • Account Sharing - Our player logs in to your character and plays during the boost
  • Selfplay - Join our players team and play yourself during the boost
  • Remote Control - Our player securely connects to your desktop via remote control app such as Parsec and plays during the boost, allowing you to watch all in-game actions live
  • Select Endgame objectives - Select your endgame objectives to complete, whether it's raids, dungeons or pvp

How it Works

After you've selected all the desired options and paid for your order, you'll receive an order number and an email confirmation that your order has been accepted.

  • Contact us by Discord or WhatsApp;
  • If you don't get in touch for a while, our operators will contact you using the specified method or email;
  • Provide us with your order number, and our support crew will start looking for a suitable booster;
  • As soon as we assign a player to carry out your order, we will need your game account details or account/character credentials for an invite;
  • When the order is completed, you'll receive a notification in the Discord channel or other messenger of your choice.

Enjoy the results of your order ;)

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About Great Vault

The Great Vault making its way back in WoW: Dragonflight. It can be found in Valdrakken capital in the Dragon Isles and it works similarily to the Great Vault from Shadowlands, allowing you to unlock rewards for killing bosses in Raids, completing dungeons and earning Honor Points in Rated PvP activities. Also, you can unlock additional items and increase the number of choices in The Great Vault as your final reward for completing more content during the week increasing your chance for getting desired item. Once per week after weekly reset you will be able to open the Great Vault, choose one item from the items you've unlocked for completing activities and claim it as your guaranteed weekly reward. And even if you don't need any of unlocked rewards, you will be offered up to 6x special tokens which can be used to purchase lots of useful seasonal things so you could always benefit from completing The Great Vault objectives in any case. With our Great Vault Boost Carry complete any amount and level of weekly activities hassle-free and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had!

Our Great Vault Boost Carry - the best way to get guaranteed weekly reward fast and easy

You can unlock up to 3 items in the Great Vault each week for completing objectives from 3 different content types: Raids, Dungeons and Rated PvP. Item level of items unlocked in the Great Vault as potential weekly reward depends on difficulty of content completed: the higher difficulty of content completed while reaching objectives - the higher item level of items added to the Great Vault starting from 476 item level for killing bosses in LFR raids or completing Heroic Dungeon(s) and ending with 522-528 item level for killing bosses in Mythic raid or successfully completing Mythic+ 10 keystone or 528 PvP item level for earning Honor in rated PvP games, making the task of obtaining the highest item level gear from the Great Vault not trivial at all. Additionaly, in order to get more choices of items a player will need to complete multiple activities during the week which can take tremendous amount of time and attempts. To unlock all 9 rewards (which is a maximum amount of rewards in the Great Vault) the player will have to kill 6/7 bosses in a raid, complete 8x dungeon runs and earn 5000 Honor Points in rated pvp which is hell of a grind. But the rewards are worth it as some super high ilvl items cannot be obtained elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Our boosting team will gladly help and accomplish all needed weekly activities to unlock the Great Vault rewards in shortest time allowing you to continue your epic seasonal journey. Get your Great Vault Boost Carry today and watch your character collects all this cool gear and tremendously grows in power!

Simply buy The Great Vault Boost and complete your weekly activities in no time

Buy new Great Vault Boost Carry in Dragonflight from the safest and most reliable boosting service, join the best gaming teams and complete all required weekly activities by clearing current raid tier, completing dungeon runs and wining rated pvp games in no time! There are no special requirements to buy The Great Vault Boost Carry other than 70 level of your character. You can buy The Great Vault Boost with account sharing or selfplay: account Sharing option is your best bet if you just want to save your time, especially for Heroic raids and highest Mythic+ Keys during first weeks after new season's release and selfplay option is always available for you also if you want to participate in endgame content activities and get the most gaming experience yourself. Save yourself lots of time and skip unwanted boring wipes by using our Great Vault boosting service. Our pro players will kindly carry your character through any endgame content really fast so you won't have to face all the trials on your own. Just follow the team, enjoy the show and grab your guaranteed reward in the Great Vault on next reset.

Get the most benefit from our Great Vault Boost Service

We have some recommendations for those of you who want to get the maximum benefit out from our The Great Vault Boost Carry service. Simply follow these small tips to save some money and still get the better rewards:

  • Learn all the loot that drops as reward from all three content types and focus on those where you can get the best loot and upgrade for your character;
  • Always try to get at least one objective completed during the week rewarding you with the highest item level item possible - 522-528 item level item in Dragonflight Season 4. In this case chances are higher to get an upgrade for your character's gear than if you try to get specific items with bis stats, but with less item level;
  • Kill last bosses in the current raid on any difficulty at least once to permanently add +9 item level loot dropped from these bosses to the possible reward from the Great Vault;
  • You can combine difficulties of objectives within one activity customizing your potential weekly reward, getting both the highest item level reward you can get and several more choices for possible BiS items of lower item level. For example, clearing 2 Heroic bosses and 4 Normal Bosses will unlock one reward of 506+ item level and 2 rewards of 493+ item level or completing one Mythic+ 10 Dungeon run and three Mythic+ 5 Dungeon runs will add two items to your potential weekly rewards from the Great Vault: one 522 item level item and one 512 item level item.


The short answer is yes, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. During our 10 years of experience in the boosting industry and with over 90,000 completed orders, there have been almost no bans or other issues.
  2. We only work with verified players who complete all orders manually, never using cheats, exploits, or bots.
  3. All our boosters have years of experience and are top-tier players with impressive portfolios.
  4. Our game curators personally play the games we offer and know what they are talking about.
  5. Our players use only high-quality VPNs from top tier providers.
  6. We guarantee 100% security of your personal and account data.

Our mission is to provide the best boosting services at a fair price.

Of course, we can easily adjust the timing of your order completion to suit your desires.

Yes, you can change your character or cancel order if the boost hasn't started yet. However, if the service has already begun and there is some progress, and you wish to change characters, our operators will need to take into account the work already done and recalculate the terms for the completion of your order.

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